Thursday, 30 May 2013

Prescribed Skincare: Dermalogica Skin Mapping Analysis

Recently I have been having a 'worse than average' breakout (3-5 visible and big blemishes on various areas on my face at different times, plus some lurking around in the forehead and brow bones area waiting to make their grand appearances) on my face.  The situation is now under much better control (touch wood!), and only left with a few scars to fade away in their own time - for which I am still mourning about and monitoring my face extremely closely.

Therefore I decided it's finally time to visit my nearest Dermalogica counter at Selfridges for a free Skin Mapping Analysis to get some personalised expert advice.

I was greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable Felicity at the Dermalogica counter when I requested for a One-to-One Skin Mapping Analysis.  I was first asked to fill in a questionnaire which included questions about my skincare routine and other problems that are concerning of my skin.  Felicity then wore a 'high-tech' looking square glasses to have a good look at my skin (I wonder what my skin would look like under the magnifying glass) whilst she also used her fingers to feel the texture of my skin.

I learnt that my face can be divided up to 14 zones, like so......

Image obtained from Google Image

As Felicity looked and felt my skin, she would tell me the condition of each zone of my skin, for e.g. Zone 4 (ears) is a little congested, then she asked if I would cleanse my ears whilst cleansing my face. Zone 7 is a dehydrated.  Zone 5 and 9 feel soft and have good elasticity.  Zone 12 has a couple of blemish scars now healing, this is the an area reflected the hormonal state, so ladies out there when it is that time of the month, don't be surprised to have odd blemish(es) in the chin area.  The analysis process went quicker than I thought, within 10mins.  

I also told her about what I have done to my skin and that I used a mask (many a times) which contains Glycolytic acids.  I was then told by Felicity that glycolytic acids are very abrasive stuff and it is highly likely that it is this ingredient that caused my breakout and my skin now needs a rest from all.

Dermalogica Skin Mapping Analysis works on prescribed on consultation basis.  I was 'prescribed' a couple of products to me which suit how I want to improve my skin return to its healthy glowing state:

The daily microfoliant is a powder form cleansing, I would use this every other day after I have cleansed my face with my cleansing milk, as part of my morning skincare routine.  The idea is to brighten up the skin by gentle micro-exfoliation with its main ingredients: Papain, Salicylic acid and rice enzymes.

Put about half a teaspoonful or slightly more of the white powder on the palm of your hands.

Mix the white powder with water, resulting with a foam, then gently massage on cleansed face with circular motion.

I tried it once, it is ever so gentle.  It doesn't have the bits scratching my skin.  First impression is that it didn't irritate my skin and I didn't feel that it tightened my skin after exfoliating it.  I noticed it has brightened up my skin slightly, definitely not a magical miraculous result but hopefully, if I stick with it and as my skin slowly returns to normal, this will help bring back the glow by removing dead skin on my face.

Then I was prescribed a Multivitamin Power Recover Masque which is a multivitamin containing botanical product as the name suggests.  It is designed to help rescuing stressed skin to bring back life to dehydrated and dull skin.

I was advised to use it as a mask which I have also used once.  When you squeeze it out of the tube, it is this pale orange colour.  It feels like it's full of water and very light in texture.  As I put it on my face for 10-15mins, it didn't give me any tingling feeling at all, I just felt hydrated after I cleansed the mask off.  Felicity also told me this could be used as an overnight moisturiser.  I think this must be a very gentle product if it can be left on the face overnight!

First impression of the two products are they are both very gentle so I'm hoping that they will help my skin to go back to its normal state.  I shall update when I have used this for a little longer.

The two products didn't come with a cheap price tag, however if you spend over £60, you can receive a free 20 minutes personalised facial treatment.  I am definitely going back to claim this offer for a pampering session!

One of the coolest things about this skin mapping is that, you will be sent via email, in PDF format a detailed analysis of the consultation and what has been prescribed, so that you don't forget and can be used as a record.

The biggest learning I have gained as a result are:
  • Don't over-do it with putting on facemasks too often 
  • Don't just go and try out skincare products because of their popularity in the markets - what suits other people doesn't mean it suits your skin type
  • Be careful of the ingredients in each skincare product - they all react differently to different skin types
  • Glycolytic acids can be overwhelming and abrasive ingredient for some skin types, in my case dry and sensitive - my skin reacted to a renewal mask which contains Glycolytic acid and as a result causing the breakout.
  • Basic skincare routine - cleanse, tone and moisturising is the most effective and simplest way to keep facial skin healthy and glowing.

Another reminder to myself - Less is definitely More!

You should definitely check out the Dermalogica counter next time if you walk pass one!


  1. A great review
    I get hormonal breakouts
    Would love to have a mapping service so useful but cannot due to health
    I have this mask not trried it yet
    Great blog found you through twitter dermalogica

    1. I've only tried these two products once and I liked it and think it will be safe to continue using it to maintain and improve my skin health back to its normal state. was worried sick when I had breakout and didn't know what to do.

      I think the recovery mask would be ok to use as it's suitable to use as a moisturiser so technically it is gentle enough as a mask for people prone to breakouts. i have sensitive skin and I learnt a lesson the hard way - I know better what suits me and what not!

      thanks for leaving footprints on my blog, let me know how you get on with the mask!

      P.S. I'll post something about blemish treatment soon.

  2. Some great advice I introduct things in very gradually no point trying so many & then do not know what is causing the issues

    1. can't agree more - I will be more careful from now on and stick with what I know best instead of being too gutsy! You only get one face - so why risk it and ruin it!