Tuesday, 21 May 2013

UK Drugstore Haul #3

Shopping in drugstores, namely Superdrug and Boots predominatly in the UK is a fun act.  It definitely feels like a little girl going into a massive sweets shop, you have endless choice in front of you.

Superdrug is now doing 3 for 2 offers across all cosmetics brands - which is evil especially to those (like me) who doesn't have strong will-power to resist such temptation.  

I surrendered, and picked up a few things recently.  This amazing offer ends in early June (translation: still plenty of time to make the most of it, guys!)

Here's what I picked up in my most recent trip to Superdrug:
N.B. My local Superdrug store is in Marble Arch, I think it's the best one in the UK as it stocks the most complete range of brands ever.

I know what you must be thinking...... 'I seem to have seen you blogged about the Bourjois' new cream blushes.'  Yes you are right, I picked up #2 and #3 to start with and wrote a review on it.  It's so nice that I went back to pick up #1 and #4 to complete my collection!

They are really nice in texture, soft and creamy.  They aren't the most pigmented cream blusher however, but they are perfect for spring and summer.  You can definitely build the intensity of the colour up.  It doesn't contain any shimmer so it's great for a natural look.  I have used all four colours so far and all colours are versatile that goes with any makeup look that I do.

Let's keep to the theme of a blush product, here's what I picked up from Rimmel

It is Rimmel's Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in #080 Bronze.  I own #050 Live Pink and have featured this product in my previous post.  I'm curious to try this Bronze colour as a contouring product.  I have been looking for one but have had no luck, because they are too dark for me and no matter how I work it in my skin, it just doesn't work and turn orange for me.  This one looks pale enough that I might be able to pull it off.  I'm yet to try but will report on it at a later date.

Next up in the line are two nail polishes

It's probably to do with the weather I'm eyeing on brighter colours, so I picked up these.  One from Barry M #272 Shocking Pink.  Another one is from Nicole by OPI in 'A Like-Haley Story', oh how I love these names!  I have been longing to try this one from Nicole, it hasn't disappointed me.  It's a very similar colour to Barry M #272 Shocking pink but it has added shimmer whereas the Barry M one is a plain fuchsia pink colour.

Finally for the eyes, I picked up....

I have been absolutely thinking about getting the Clump Defy mascara by Max Factor for a very long time.  I know it's the same one by Cover Girl (which is not available in the UK but in US).  I have heard tons of good things about it and I tried it the following day after I bought it.  Wow, it's such a nice mascara, it defined my lashes, it opens up my eyes like no other mascara! Definitely worth a try if you have short lashes like me which needs a bit of fixing!

Finally an eyeshadow product by Fashionista, its name is called 'Stylish'.  This is the first product I own by Fashionista.  I'm slowly hearing people mentioned about this product so I finally picked one of these up.  I was completely drawn to its lovely marble effect on the pan.  It is a shimmery rose gold colour.  I think it will be great to slap on all over the eyelids as a shadow base or wear it on its own, it will stand out.

I hope you enjoyed my haul.  I want to hear from you if you have picked up anything from Superdrug these days?

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