Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Every little details - my iphone case collection

I consider myself as quite an attention-seeker, be it to people or to objects, to others or to myself.  That is why even for my iphone, I'd like it to have more than one piece of 'clothing' (case) to change according to seasons, outfits, occasions or by mood swings!

So, without further ado, here's a peek into my little iphone case collection!  

In terms of practicality, I love my Marc Jacob's iphone case because it is rubbery so it provides better protection to my phone if it drops.  It's happened once before and the rubbery case has definitely protected my phone by absorbing the 'shock' when my phone dropped on the floor.  It definitely has got my thumbs up on that one!

I do love my pinks, that's why I've picked up the other pink ones from Hong Kong whilst travelling.  There is such a massive collection of iphone cases in shops everywhere in Hong Kong, I was so spoilt for choice and ended up picking these two.

I love the following iphone case, in the shape of a handbag:

Not only is this cute, it's also highly practical if you were in a cocktail party and holding your phone, you can just wear it round your wrist - such an elegant and cute way to hold your phone!

My current favourite would have to be this Chanel Nail Varnish bottle iphone case!

It's the cutest thing ever, I have only bought this recently on ebay.  Even though it is cheap, the quality is pretty good.  The design of the iphone case is very sleek so when it is clipped to your iphone, it makes your phone feels slim instead of bulky!  I absolutely adore it.  Also what's even better is that this colour is in #617 Holiday, which is my name!  The iphone case is destined to belong to me!

What iphone case are you rocking these days?  Do share!


  1. These are adorable! I wish there were such choices for my blackberry

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