Friday, 17 May 2013

Spring clean your face!

From left to right 
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution (£4.50 for 100ml)
Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover (£3.29 for 125ml - £2.6 for 100ml)
Taaj Micellar Cleansing Water (£16 for 500ml - £3.2 for 100ml)
Klorane Soothing eye makeup remover (£6 for 100ml)
Helena Rubinestein Prodigy Makeup Remover (unsure)
The importance of using a good makeup remover to effectively get rid of all those 'chemicals' on your face need not me to say.  Ever since I started wearing make up (not very long ago actually!), I have been on the hunt for the most effective and the most economical makeup remover.  After trying for a few, I think I've reached to my first stage of conclusion of what's considered effective, suitable and economical.

Bioderma and Klorane are French skincare brands which I am having more and more confident with after trying a few.  Their makeup removers haven't disappointed me.  I enjoyed using both of them, although I preferred the Bioderma one as it's slight more effective and that I seem to be able to use less of these stuff to remove the same amount of makeup than I would with Klorane.  Both Bioderma and Klorane are available in French pharmacies on the high streets, or online via  

The purchase of the Nivea makeup remover was entirely because of my curiosity and a sudden urge to try out something.  I also bought this because it was 50% off and I thought, why not!  It is an oil based product which I thought would be good.  This is because I tried and used up the Clinique Take the Day off Makeup remover which is also an oil-based product and it is an amazing product and can take off pretty heavy duty eye make up.  However with Nivea, I am rather disappointed with it - it's as effective as Bioderma and Klorane but it stinks and irritates my skin round my eye areas quite a bit.  Luckily I didn't get any of these stuff into my eyes.  I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone, especially those with dry/ sensitive skin.

My Helen Rubinstein make up remover came with the mascara as a free gift as I bought it from Hong Kong.  It's a cream makeup remover so I only used it on my face to make sure all the makeup is removed.  I liked it.  The formula is very gentle and a little goes a long way.

As I ran out of all of my makeup remover and in the middle of being irritated by the Nivea makeup remover, I suddenly remembered Zoella on youtube has once highly recommended the Taaj Micellar Cleansing Water (which is available on

Priced at £16 for 500ml.  Available from
I have used the Taaj Micellar Cleansing Water for a good few weeks now and so far I like it and I think that it is comparable to Bioderma Micelle Solution.  When I first received it through the post, I was shocked to see the huge bottle.  It's a giant bottle.  Immediately I tried to do some quick and simple calculations, I figured this product is the most economical one, £16 for 500ml pretty amazing!  Again, similar to Bioderma, it's almost like a water, it doesn't stink or irritate my skin at all.  It is extremely effectively - I could almost say that this cleansing water removes my makeup like a dream!  I really do think this is a great product and more people should know about this.  Also this product is paraben free so for all you out there, you should find it no problem using it.

Are you tempted to give it a go?  What's your favourite makeup remover?  Please leave your comments below.


  1. Try the Fancl make up remover when you get the chance to : ) It miraculously remove all my make up in one go including waterproof mascara!!!!!

  2. I am part of the #micellarblindtrial so this post was really interesting. I wear a full face of make up Monday to Friday and always take my make up off with a micellaire before using a cleansing balm in the evening. I have never heard of the Taaj product so I will do a bit of research about it.

    1. Hi patentpurplelife, it's definitely worth trying in my opinion. It's a pretty pain-free experience using the Taaj water. I'm still enjoy using it! I don't find it widely accessible but more people seems to know about this. Perhaps a good idea, more stockists can stock it up?