Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My blogger's identity

As a new blogger, I feel like I'm full of motivations and enthusiasms to write about a ton of stuff.  However I think about my identity in this bloggersphere.  It is absolutely huge and it doesn't seem to have limits.

Sometimes I want EVERYONE on this planet to know about my little blog here but other times I feel like I'm such a tiny creature that I'm happy writing here even without anyone reading my blogs.

A short while ago, my mini business cards arrived.  OMG, they are so nicely printed and perfectly designed (by me!).  I've never  been a creative person but I feel like starting a blog enables me to become innovative and creative in every piece of writing that I am planning to do.

My business card defines who I am on this cyberspace/ bloggersphere.  I like calling myself a blogger, a newly found self identity, it feels real yet surreal.

200 mini cards, and a cardholder cost £27.73 

I thank moo for doing such a fantastic job in helping me feeling like a 'professional blogger'!  Moo provides a hassle free, straight-forward online card design service.  From visiting their website, to designing, placing an order to receiving my cards, it's only taken 2 working days, AMAZING!

I ordered 200 matte laminate mini cards and a pink cardholder which holds up to 10+ cards, plus P&P which only cost £27.73.  I used one of their discount codes available from the batch of cards my sister (Forksandbrushes) who has previously ordered mini cards from them.

I thought if I was going to hand out these business cards of mine, I wanted to put my stamp on it.  There I was putting different pieces together on the template provided on moo and came up with all the design of the front and back of the card.  However you can also choose from  over 100 choices of design provided on the website.  The information that goes into the card is also entirely up to you.  It is one of the most user-friendly, no hassle card design websites which I have ever come across.  I cannot recommend this website more - if you are thinking about designing your own business cards regardless the size of your business, then look no further but give Moo a try!

Double sided matte laminate mini cards finish
The end result is one of a kind.  I have started giving my cards out to friends and families and they were impressed!

Finally I also want to introduce you all to two little friends:

They are my best companion: Maybelline (豬配兒) - the little piglet from Hong Kong Disneyland whom my husband bought for me over 5 years ago.  And Missy (徐寶意), the little doggie whom I have had her for over 20 years.  Missy has been travelling so much with me all these years.  They play a massive part in my life and my family.  They are like two little sisters to me.  As weird as it may sound but they are truly my most valuable treasures.  I thought I just want you all to know them because they might start appearing in this blog!

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I really looking forward to chatting with you all and sharing beauty tips together!

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