Monday, 29 September 2014

#Bumpfest 2014

Did you have a lovely weekend?  What did you do?  Well, for Mr Holiday and I; we were kindly invited by Aldi (The only Sponsor of Bumpfest 2014) to attend the first ever Bumpfest 2014 organised by mumsnet which took place on 27 Sept.

It's a whole day event full of different talks and with various stalls to browse at.  We have enjoyed all the sessions that were arranged, such as Baby First Aid (British Red Cross), Building your babies brain: Masterclass with Dr Penelope Leach, etc.  It's such a good mixed of topic of talks that Mumsnet has arranged for all who attended the event.  It also offers a great chance to talk to other mom-to-be, and a safe environment to share your ideas and ask about things that you don't understand!  

A number of organisations also had their beautiful stalls set up which of course include Aldi, which they had brought along a number of their Award-Winning products such as mamia baby nappies and wipes, also baby food.  Aldi has also set up a Aldi Mamia Parent Club which is a totally cool concept  where you can check out all the latest for bumps and babas, as well as a forum for all parents to chit-chat!  Quite similar to the idea of Mumsnet, which I think it's a fantastic idea for moms to share and exchange their tips about pregnancy, and their babies, etc.

Honestly, I didn't know about Aldi offers such a wide range of baby's products with such smashing prices, so it was a real eye-opener!  I'm definitely going to check out Aldi from now on on a regular basis!

Before the day ended, we were all given a complimentary goody bag which contained loads of Aldi's goodies: food and baby's essentials, pampering products for babies and mom.  It's such a thoughtful mix of products for both mommy-to-be and babies.

Mr Holiday and I had such a fantastic day at the event, with lots of useful information (not overloaded!) and goodies taken home!  I feel like my baby is so lucky to benefit from all these, even he made his appearance to this world!

Well done everyone who was involved in making #Bumpfest 2014 such a great success!

*This attendance of the event was sponsored by Aldi, however all the opinions above are of my 100% honest views.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


When I'm pregnant I noticed that there is a lot of subtle changes occurred on my body.  My face and body both suffer from extra dryness.  Now I have something I can thank Cussons Mum & Me for their range of body pampering products!  

**Smooth & Glow Pregnancy Shampoo and **Conditioner are a great hair combination.  I remember the first time when I used it, as I was washing my hair I could already feel how soft both products made my hair.  The shampoo is a gel like texture product, and the conditioner is a thicker creamy texture.  It feels amazing especially if you use it during your third trimester as you tend to feel the heaviest and the most tired.

**Bump Hydrate & Nourish Shower Cream is a thick and creamy shower cream which any mom-to-be will definitely want to give it a try.  As your bump gets bigger, the skin stretches out so much that sometimes you feel itchy and dry; the last thing you want is something that's skin-stripping.  This shower cream hydrates and nourishes your bump, if it isn't too dry you can get away without having to apply any body moisturisers.

Are you tempted to give these products a go?  They are worth a while in my opinion.

**PR samples.  This post is not sponsored, nor am I paid to publish this post.  All opinions are of my own, they are honest and geniue. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Me and Mascaras go back a long way - I have tried so many in the past years and I am only happy with a handful: this hand, that hand, and my hand.  As my lashes are neither full or long, or curl; it's so difficult to find my Mr Right in the mascara department.

Last month, I was itching to try some new mascaras so I picked up three in one go.  It's about time I should report back how they'd go; although without having read up to this sentence, from the title of this blogpost, the answer has been given away....

The three mascaras in questions were:

Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara: I have liked a Rimmel mascara in the past, instead of repurchasing what worked; I ventured out into something new.  And this copper colour tube mascara is one of the latest to Rimmel's mascara collection.  I was interested in the 'Argan Oil' ingredient and thinking of whilst putting on makeup, I'm adding skincare benefits to my lashes - what a great idea.  This mascara is a plastic bristle wand which is flexible (bandy, shall we say?).  I found that this mascara has rather a 'weak formula' for someone whose lashes needs lots of drama even under the guidance of building and building it up with lots and lots of coats.  I found that the mascara is difficult go grip to my lashes, hence giving them volume.  The good thing though is that it doesn't budge.

Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume:  As it says on the packaging this mascara is supposed to give '3D volume'.... I don't agree with it entirely but that's what it's drawn to me to give it a whirl at the first place.  Yet again the brush is a plastic bristle, but it's a lot firmer than its Rimmel counterpart.  I need at least 4-5 coats on each side of lashes to build up what I call 'volume', I can't say the result is 3D nor dramatic either so I'm a little bit disappointed by it.  Although it's not one that I would chuck away immediately, it definitely needed a patient lady to work on it.  I mean, needing 4-5 coats to build up some volume is quite a bit of effort, especially if you don't have much time to spend on applying make up.  However, despite the effort, the mascara doesn't go clumpy so I guess if you do have the time in the world, it would work for you.

Seventeen Doll'd up Mascara: I'm a complete newbie to any mascaras by Seventeen.  It's a brand I often overlook.  When I saw that this Doll'd up mascara has a moon creasent shaped plasticky wand, it totally reminded me of one of my favourite mascaras by Max Factor.  I was expecting curl, volume and lengths, just as how MF's mascara pleased me.  However, this turns out to do nothing to me, no matter how hard (how many coats) I tried to work with it.  Even when I have prepped my lashes well beforehand - curl it using an eyelash curler, applying a lash base coat; it just doesn't work.    I'm most disappointed with this mascara out of the other two that I've bought.  However, I would still want to try other mascaras by Seventeen as I've heard good reviews about other of their mascaras.

Have you tried any of the above mascaras before?  What's your staple mascara and what do you look for in a mascara?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Pregnant ladies like myself, especially first time mommy is most likely to be concerned with, aside from the healthy growth of their offsprings; is the appearance stretch marks on their daily growing and stretching bump throughout the pregnancy.  If you've missed my previous episodes on other stretch mark prevention products, you can catch up on here or here.  

This time I wanted to give you a little review on another stretch mark cream by Cussons Mum & Me, that I have tried.  Let me just make things clear first.  As I lather creams on my body at least twice daily, I go through them like there's no tomorrow, so a reasonably priced product is high in the priority list when it comes to a stretch mark product.  For £9.99 you get 125ml of the product which is pretty good and sits at the mid-range price points amongst all other maternity brands.

Luckily, I haven't noticed any new stretch marks developed throughout my pregnancy.  I am not sure whether this is due to the fact that I apply creams from week 13 (start of my 2nd trimester), or I have been lucky enough to escape from it this time round.  However, from previous weight changes, I do have some stretch marks around my belly and my lower back, which have become more visible as my pregnancy goes, and as my belly stretches out.

I have been using this cream for a good month or so (a 25ml sample was included in the Bounty pack for mum-to-be), now I'm happily sailing onto this bigger tub.  For convenience and practical reason, I apply a cream form products in the morning after a shower, and an oil in the evening.  It's just my personal preference but I'd much prefer to use oils all the way, purely because I have quite dry skin.  

First thing first, I quite like the packaging, it's modern, and clean, and I can easily scoop the product out from the packaging which saves a lot of time!  I found that this cream is fairly thick in texture which is quite similar to other creams that I have tried.  However it is absorbed by my skin really quickly so I don't feel greasy at all after application.  I'm normally quite generous with the amount I put on, my bump, my thighs, my breasts, and my lower back areas; and I feel that my skin is almost instantly hydrated and moisturised which is fantastic.  As I have heard from fellow mommy friends that sometimes they feel that they suffer from extra dry skin during pregnancy, so I think in that sense, this cream has ticked the box of providing moisture for the all important bump areas.

When I first applied it on my skin, I feel a slight 'minty' sensation which is rather nice, and refreshing especially I use this in the morning.  The 'minty' sensation isn't irritating either and hasn't caused any irritation to my skin which I'm thankful for, as I have sensitive skin all round (face and body).  Similar to the Stretch Mark Fader Serum I've tried, it shares a familiar scent - citrusy; I wondered if it's due to Tamanu oil, one of the key ingredients in this product.  It's not an overpowering scent which is great as I can be quite put off my the whole citrusy scented product.... but that's just me!

The only downside with this product is that the cream is not suitable to be used on breasts when breastfeeding.  As I'm already 37 weeks pregnant, I am not sure if I'm going to be able to use up the whole tub before the baby arrives, hence I won't be able to use it anymore as I'm planning to breastfeed.  I mean, I suppose I could still continue using it postpartum however I can't imagine myself having the time to 'avoid' my breasts area when applying this cream.  

I would recommend this product to you all pregnant ladies out there if you want to give this brand a try.  It's got my seal of approval on:

  • price vs amount of product - a 125ml tub of cream can probably last you for a good 10 - 12 weeks 
  • effectiveness - non-greasy and absorbed quickly by the skin
  • skin-loving - no allergic reaction and is clinically proven and dermatologist approved
  • accessible - available in most stores
What other stretch mark products have you tried?  Is this one you would go for?

Cussons Mum & Me Products are available in major supermarkets, Boots and Mothercare for £9.99 (125ml).

**PR Sample

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


If you are a regular here on Borb you would know my love for a good cleansing balm, it's soothing, clean and easy.  If you want to read a couple of my reviews, you can click here and here.

A few months ago, I completely ran out of all of my cleansing balm so I was in the market for a new one.  I was not in a spendy mood so I wanted something a little price-friendly on my wallet.  I stumbled across NIP + FAB Deep Cleansing Fix in Boots.  I've heard of good things about this brand so I thought let's give it a try.  I was also really attracted by how reasonably priced this was, for £7.95 you get 300ml products, it's a massive tub.  

I'm half way through the tub, and have been using it every night for the past few months; I think I have formed a better view on this.

As you can see from the picture above, it looks like quite a thick and creamy texture and it is.  It's one of the thickest texture cleansing balms I have tried.  I have to say the first time when I dug my fingers in I didn't like it because it's a little too thick, but as I use it more often, I am better at controlling how much product I need for my whole face.  I use this as part of my double facial cleanse process, I massage my face and neck with this, it doesn't irritate my eyes so it's great to cleanse off any remaining eye makeup that I have left on my face.  I like using a hot steamy flannel to wipe off all the products, then I'm left with a very clean face.  I wouldn't recommend this to oily skin girl as it does feel quite moisturising to my face, which I have dry skin.  Although it doesn't feel greasy at all and doesn't leave like an oil-film on my face after washing.  This survived through the hot summer that we had so that's quite a test on the product, and am sure this will be even more soothing and moisturising for the skin during the winter.  

If you don't have a big budget or not prepared to pay a lot of money on a cleansing balm, or someone who wants to give cleansing balm/cream a try, I would recommend this product to you.  To be honest though, I'm half way through this tub and feel a little tired of using up the rest.... perhaps I've used better ones in the past, so I might just keep this to one side and get something else instead.

Are you a cleansing balm kind of girl?  What have you tried and what do you recommend?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I am a massive fan of spraying products, I found that it's convenience and refreshing at the same time.    I found that being pregnant means feeling tired a lot easier, and sometimes my body muscles tend to stiff up easier, too and the effect could be lasting.  Recently I have tried two more products by Cussons Mum & Me (from the Bump collection) and wanted to share with you.

**Cussons Mum & Me Cool & Relieve Soothing Spray (£4.70)- I was really excited to give this a try when I saw the words 'cool & relieve soothing spray'.  When pregnant, I feel that my body temperature is higher than my non-pregnant self, so anything that says cooling is very welcomed.  However I was slightly disappointed that this spray isn't for the face, but never mind I am all prepared and have other beloved face mists.  This product is, designed to use all over the body when feeling hot, and is especially good on the back, tired legs and feet.  The bottle is a little bit too big (150ml) for my liking to bring with me in my handbag so my thought was that I would keep this at home.

One night whilst I was sleeping, I felt cramps in my leg, it wasn't a bad one but I had to rub it out.  Suddenly an eureka moment sparkled whilst I was half asleep, I sprayed this directly to the area where the cramp was, it instantly relaxed the muscle and I was able to go back to sleep really quickly.  The next morning I thought to myself, 'wow this stuff is impressive!'.  When you are pregnant, you are basically living a 'drug-free' life, so anything sprays which are targeted for muscle relieve is no good and you've just got to deal with it.  Whereas this soothing spray, it's designed for pregnancy use; so it's a perfect choice if you are looking for something similar.

The spray dispenser is quite powerful, which I like as it instantly gives a 'pick-me-up' to the areas you spray this to.  It contains peppermint oil so your skin feels really refreshed afterwards, and it isn't oily at all on the skin, but absorbed rather quickly.  It only has the mildest scent of peppermint which is great, too.  I totally recommend this product to mom-to-be who needs a bit of a relaxing pampering throughout the day.  It works especially well if use this at the end of a tiring day, spraying this over the legs, neck and back have worked amazingly well for me.

**Cussons Mum & Me Relax & Unwind Sleep Mist (£5.25)- I am never a person who suffers from insomnia, even during pregnancy, sleeping is like a dream.  When this sleep mist arrived at my doorstep, I wasn't too excited by it purely because of the reason above but I was willing to give it a try.  I spray this around my bed area before I snuggle up comfortably in bed.  It smells of a soothing lavender scent which is nice, and relaxing.  The scent doesn't linger around for too long though, so if you found it difficult to fall asleep, you might want to top it up later on (if you are still awake).  As I fall asleep naturally quite quickly, I didn't think I needed the sleep mist to help me to fall asleep quicker.  It's helped me to relax which is true.  However I wouldn't say that without the use of this, sleeping would be a struggle.  For me, this is a bit of an unnecessary product but if you are someone who relies on products to unwind and fall asleep, I would encourage you to give this a try.

Do you use similar products to chill and relax when pregnant?  Are these something you've tried?

**PR samples.  This post is not sponsored, all my views on both products are honest, and are 100% my own and have not been affected by third parties.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I'm never a fan of Vitamin C containing product, to say the least I'm rather sceptical about it.  It's because of the sensitive nature of my skin, and Vitamin C is meant to have the effect of 'brightening, and anti-ageing'.... so potentially it can be a little harsh to sensitive skins.

However, things have taken a 180-degree turn recently, and I have two Vitamin C skincare products which I have been really enjoying using, and noticed a difference gradually.

StrVectin-EV Vitamin C Actives - It's a brightening serum where I use it strictly in the evening as I (still) fear about the potential sun-damage that I would get during day time if this was to be used in my morning skincare routine.  After cleansing my face, I would put a thin layer of this on my face before putting on a facial oil.  This serum isn't potent at all, unlike other Vitamin C products.  It doesn't irritate my skin nor has it caused any breakout to my face.  It's absorbed so quickly by my skin, it doesn't feel like I am putting on an extra layer to my face. I've been using it for more than 4 weeks now and I've noticed a gradual change in the complexion on my face, it's a little brighter (less dull).

Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz - I love a good facial mist, and this one by Body Shop is a total surprise, in a good way!  I don't carry this around with me when I'm out and about as the bottle is still a little bit too big to my liking (100ml).  However I have introduced this good stuff as part of my morning and evening skincare routines.  After cleansing my face, I would spray this spritz all over my face, and neck.  The trick to spray this, is never, never directly to the eyes as it can sting!  Make sure you close your eyes, and spray from a good distance away.  Close your eyes for a few seconds after spraying, letting the spritz settled down on the face a little bit before opening your eyes, this way your eyes won't be irritated.  As it's Vitamin C- containing it's not surprising that this spray has a hint of citrusy scent.  Normally I'm not a fan of citrus scents but the smell disappears quite quickly so it doesn't bother me that much.  I love using this, especially in the morning as it wakes me up a lot and I found that this spray seems to have locked moisture in my skin better.  I've been continuously using this 2-3 times a day for a month, and noticed an improved in my skin tone; it's brighter and looks fresher!  I'm more than half way through the product, and am already thinking about repurchasing it.

Are you a fan of Vitamin C products?  What have you used before?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I realised that it's been a while since I wrote anything pregnancy related, here's another one!  If you were curious about what I wrote previously, you can click here and here for a catch up.

A quick update, I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and have been applying oils/ creams targeting the prevention from stretch marks development since week 13.  I don't notice any 'new' stretch marks developed in the areas of bump and thighs.  However I do notice that my existing stretch marks have become a little bit more obvious but they aren't bad at all as I've lived with them for so many years, from all the weight loss and weight gain I've had in the past.  I have tried a few so far, and recently I have finished using up another one which I really wanted to share with you all pregnant ladies (or planning to fall pregnant ladies) out there.

Cussons Mum & Me is a fairly new brand to me, they are not as well known as Johnson's baby shall we say; well at least to me.  I've always been interested in trying something from their range these days whenever I'm in Boots.  So, when I saw that this New Mum Stretch Mark Fader was on offer a few weeks ago, I thought this was the time to give this brand a go.

This stretch mark fader comes in a slim and long tube shape, the packaging is sleek compared to other similar products which often comes in quite bulky, heavy and often in big tub or glass container.  Packaging aside, the texture of this stretch mark fader is also quite unique comparing to other products.  It comes in a thick serum, it's not sticky and rather it's absorbed by the skin rather quickly.  The application is also somewhat neater, as it's a roller application; you only need to squeeze the tube then roll it onto the affected area; then gently massage it with your hands.

The only downside is that it only took me a week or so to finish the whole tube (70ml)!  I used it twice a day all over my bump, back and thighs areas.  This product isn't designed to use all over the body but on affected/ targeted area.  It's more like a serum than a stretch mark oil.  If you are thinking of using a stretch mark oil for all over the body, this isn't one for you but if you have a small area of stretch marks that you want to take control of it; I would recommend you giving this a try.

What other stretch mark oils or creams have you tried?  Have you tried this one by Cussons?