Monday, 29 September 2014

#Bumpfest 2014

Did you have a lovely weekend?  What did you do?  Well, for Mr Holiday and I; we were kindly invited by Aldi (The only Sponsor of Bumpfest 2014) to attend the first ever Bumpfest 2014 organised by mumsnet which took place on 27 Sept.

It's a whole day event full of different talks and with various stalls to browse at.  We have enjoyed all the sessions that were arranged, such as Baby First Aid (British Red Cross), Building your babies brain: Masterclass with Dr Penelope Leach, etc.  It's such a good mixed of topic of talks that Mumsnet has arranged for all who attended the event.  It also offers a great chance to talk to other mom-to-be, and a safe environment to share your ideas and ask about things that you don't understand!  

A number of organisations also had their beautiful stalls set up which of course include Aldi, which they had brought along a number of their Award-Winning products such as mamia baby nappies and wipes, also baby food.  Aldi has also set up a Aldi Mamia Parent Club which is a totally cool concept  where you can check out all the latest for bumps and babas, as well as a forum for all parents to chit-chat!  Quite similar to the idea of Mumsnet, which I think it's a fantastic idea for moms to share and exchange their tips about pregnancy, and their babies, etc.

Honestly, I didn't know about Aldi offers such a wide range of baby's products with such smashing prices, so it was a real eye-opener!  I'm definitely going to check out Aldi from now on on a regular basis!

Before the day ended, we were all given a complimentary goody bag which contained loads of Aldi's goodies: food and baby's essentials, pampering products for babies and mom.  It's such a thoughtful mix of products for both mommy-to-be and babies.

Mr Holiday and I had such a fantastic day at the event, with lots of useful information (not overloaded!) and goodies taken home!  I feel like my baby is so lucky to benefit from all these, even he made his appearance to this world!

Well done everyone who was involved in making #Bumpfest 2014 such a great success!

*This attendance of the event was sponsored by Aldi, however all the opinions above are of my 100% honest views.

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