Friday, 31 May 2013

Blemish treatments - the good, the bad and the ugly

If you have read my yesterday's posts, you will learn that I have had bad breakout recently on my face due to over-usage of different types of facemasks.  I want to continue with the story by sharing with you a few blemish/ spots treatment products that I have manically purchased, tested and used as a result of this.

I did a first impression review on the Origin's Spot Remover Gel (£13), you can click here to revisit.  Since then I have used it 2-3 more times, until I used this for my bad breakout recently.  Things have gone from bad to very ugly.

I applied this gel on my 3 big spots (forehead, right cheek, chin) two nights in a row, when I woke up on the 3rd morning, my spots have turned into bright red colour; they were inflammed, sore and traumatised.  This gel was way TOO STRONG and POTENT for my skin (please note I have sensitive and dry skin).  It has dried out my spots but the salicylic acid (an essential ingredient in lots of other blemish treatment product to dry out the spot) and other ingredients inside this little bottle must have been too damaging for my skin.  I felt very upset because not only it has killed the spots, it must have penetrated into the skin that made it all inflammed and irritated.  I stopped using it straight away and I will never ever use it again - it didn't work for me sadly despite having heard so much great stuff about this gel.

I rushed to Boots on that day and looked for something soothing but healing instead for my inflammed spots.  The skincare expert recommended A Dermo Purifyer Active Concentrate by Eucerin (£9.50) (A German brand).

This milky looking lotion has a refreshing scent to it.  I applied this only on my inflammed spots for 2 days (day and evening).  It has helped the healing of the inflammation because this formula must have been uber light.  It didn't irritate my skin further and my inflammed spots felt a lot calmer as well.  Whilst my spots were healing, I had another one creeping up on the forehead area so I applied this concentrate on it for 2 days, it didn't help getting rid of the blemish much in my opinion.  As I was reading more about this product, it actually used as a skin clarifier to improve skin complexion, which I think it is similar to La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Cream (£13) to unclog pores in areas you think it needs a bit more attention to.  In terms of blemish treatment, this Active Concentrate by Eucerin didn't help much but it has definitely helped my irritated and inflammed skin to heal nicely.

As I was still manically worrying about my skin wouldn't return to its normal state, and with a couple of other blemishes booming to the surface of my skin in other areas, I came across Essie Button's post on Spot Treatment Spotlight.  I decided to give another product a try.

I bought Simple's raid action spot zapper (£5.49) as it seems like the mildest one but effective for Essie.  It contains Zinc and Chamomile, and claims it's perfect for sensitive skin.  It has a roll-on applicator.  When applied on my spots, it had a cool sensation and didn't sting at all.  It is definitely very soothing.  I applied this day and night for 2 days, again it didn't do much for me but it didn't make my blemishes worse.  I would still keep this in my radar and try it again next time when I have a blemish (hopefully not in the near future).

As my spots were healing and treating other new blemishes - although the situation was under control, I was still worried deep down.  I took a deep breath, and went through my beauty cupboard once again, and I found my La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector (£9.19) sitting there.

I bought this a while back to help a blemish mark to fade away which worked amazingly well so I didn't think of this as a blemish treatment product.  However as I researched into it more, this is actually used as a targeted breakout treatment as the name suggests.  I started applying this on my old blemish scars and new blemishes for 2 nights in a row, no joke, it has significantly healed the scars and targeted the new blemishes.  I mean, it didn't work wonder in completely getting rid of my blemishes but the extend of the healing and treating power to my blemishes was remarkable.  This is a white cream, you can either smear it on the spots so that the cream is blended with the skin and it look invisible.  I, however liked applying a fairly thick layer on-the-spot, but it would dry up and the surface of it becomes hardened.  The next morning, all I did was to cleanse my face as usual then the white hardened cream will get washed off; and you are left with a nicer looking blemish and eventually it healed it completely.  I am still applying this cream on the blemish marks every night and it continues healing my scars nicely.  This is definitely my star product!

My biggest learning is that -
  • There is no quick fix to treat blemish
  • Time heals everything
  • Know your skin type and choose the right product
  • Sometimes a product is gentle doesn't mean it is not effective, like the La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector
 Whilst I was painfully suffering from blemishes and the scars that left behind, I didn't want to just use any old concealer to cover them up.  This was especially a concern when my spots were inflammed.  The fear of an ordinary concealer would actually infect my spots further made me completely freaked out.  I discovered this Cover Stick by Eucerin Dermo Purfiyer (£9.50) whilst getting the Active Concentrate.

This cover stick only comes in one colour - I would say it is about half to one shade darker than my foundation shade (I use 010 for Chanel Vitalumiere, or 051 for Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation).  It contains Salicylic Acid together with other ingredients.  Whilst it covers up your spots, it also helps to heal them.  I found this works amazingly well.  The texture is a 'dry creamy' form, which I applied it either straight from the bullet or rub some of this product onto my finger and blend it on the areas I wanted to cover up.  It works like an 'eraser', it COMPLETELY covers up my spots - that's what I called MAGIC!  It blends well with your foundation, and stays put pretty well.  I am still using this to cover my scars as I feel that it has skincare benefits until I am sure my blemishes won't make their return and become re-activated again!

I hope that this has given you a few insights into the many blemish treatment products out there - I want to know which one you have used and think they are good?  

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Prescribed Skincare: Dermalogica Skin Mapping Analysis

Recently I have been having a 'worse than average' breakout (3-5 visible and big blemishes on various areas on my face at different times, plus some lurking around in the forehead and brow bones area waiting to make their grand appearances) on my face.  The situation is now under much better control (touch wood!), and only left with a few scars to fade away in their own time - for which I am still mourning about and monitoring my face extremely closely.

Therefore I decided it's finally time to visit my nearest Dermalogica counter at Selfridges for a free Skin Mapping Analysis to get some personalised expert advice.

I was greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable Felicity at the Dermalogica counter when I requested for a One-to-One Skin Mapping Analysis.  I was first asked to fill in a questionnaire which included questions about my skincare routine and other problems that are concerning of my skin.  Felicity then wore a 'high-tech' looking square glasses to have a good look at my skin (I wonder what my skin would look like under the magnifying glass) whilst she also used her fingers to feel the texture of my skin.

I learnt that my face can be divided up to 14 zones, like so......

Image obtained from Google Image

As Felicity looked and felt my skin, she would tell me the condition of each zone of my skin, for e.g. Zone 4 (ears) is a little congested, then she asked if I would cleanse my ears whilst cleansing my face. Zone 7 is a dehydrated.  Zone 5 and 9 feel soft and have good elasticity.  Zone 12 has a couple of blemish scars now healing, this is the an area reflected the hormonal state, so ladies out there when it is that time of the month, don't be surprised to have odd blemish(es) in the chin area.  The analysis process went quicker than I thought, within 10mins.  

I also told her about what I have done to my skin and that I used a mask (many a times) which contains Glycolytic acids.  I was then told by Felicity that glycolytic acids are very abrasive stuff and it is highly likely that it is this ingredient that caused my breakout and my skin now needs a rest from all.

Dermalogica Skin Mapping Analysis works on prescribed on consultation basis.  I was 'prescribed' a couple of products to me which suit how I want to improve my skin return to its healthy glowing state:

The daily microfoliant is a powder form cleansing, I would use this every other day after I have cleansed my face with my cleansing milk, as part of my morning skincare routine.  The idea is to brighten up the skin by gentle micro-exfoliation with its main ingredients: Papain, Salicylic acid and rice enzymes.

Put about half a teaspoonful or slightly more of the white powder on the palm of your hands.

Mix the white powder with water, resulting with a foam, then gently massage on cleansed face with circular motion.

I tried it once, it is ever so gentle.  It doesn't have the bits scratching my skin.  First impression is that it didn't irritate my skin and I didn't feel that it tightened my skin after exfoliating it.  I noticed it has brightened up my skin slightly, definitely not a magical miraculous result but hopefully, if I stick with it and as my skin slowly returns to normal, this will help bring back the glow by removing dead skin on my face.

Then I was prescribed a Multivitamin Power Recover Masque which is a multivitamin containing botanical product as the name suggests.  It is designed to help rescuing stressed skin to bring back life to dehydrated and dull skin.

I was advised to use it as a mask which I have also used once.  When you squeeze it out of the tube, it is this pale orange colour.  It feels like it's full of water and very light in texture.  As I put it on my face for 10-15mins, it didn't give me any tingling feeling at all, I just felt hydrated after I cleansed the mask off.  Felicity also told me this could be used as an overnight moisturiser.  I think this must be a very gentle product if it can be left on the face overnight!

First impression of the two products are they are both very gentle so I'm hoping that they will help my skin to go back to its normal state.  I shall update when I have used this for a little longer.

The two products didn't come with a cheap price tag, however if you spend over £60, you can receive a free 20 minutes personalised facial treatment.  I am definitely going back to claim this offer for a pampering session!

One of the coolest things about this skin mapping is that, you will be sent via email, in PDF format a detailed analysis of the consultation and what has been prescribed, so that you don't forget and can be used as a record.

The biggest learning I have gained as a result are:
  • Don't over-do it with putting on facemasks too often 
  • Don't just go and try out skincare products because of their popularity in the markets - what suits other people doesn't mean it suits your skin type
  • Be careful of the ingredients in each skincare product - they all react differently to different skin types
  • Glycolytic acids can be overwhelming and abrasive ingredient for some skin types, in my case dry and sensitive - my skin reacted to a renewal mask which contains Glycolytic acid and as a result causing the breakout.
  • Basic skincare routine - cleanse, tone and moisturising is the most effective and simplest way to keep facial skin healthy and glowing.

Another reminder to myself - Less is definitely More!

You should definitely check out the Dermalogica counter next time if you walk pass one!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May Empties

The Empties

This month I feel like I've been on fire because I've managed to use up a lot of products.  I'm going to run you through quickly about what I have used up and what I would repurchase again out of this lot.

The Empties

  • Bioderma Hydrabio Mousse/ Cleansing Moisturising Foam for Sensitive and Dehydrated Skin
  • Mark Hill Big Blow Thicker, Fuller, Volume Spray
  • Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover 
  • Klorane Conditioner with oat milk
  • & other Stories Moroccan Tea Hand Soap
  • Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair
  • Nivea Express Hydration Primer
  • Caudalie Lip Conditioner
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir
  • Makeup Forever Extra Black Mascara
  • benefit BAD gal lash mascara
  • Maybelline the ONE Volume Express Mascara
The Repurchase

The Repurchase

  • & other Stories Moroccan Tea Hand Soap
    • The fragrance of this hand soap is absolutely HEAVENLY, if you like a good intense sweet scent in a hand soap, this one is definitely for you.  It is addictive!
    • I have now repurchased this hand soap and also bought the body scrub of this scent, both of them I have really enjoyed using!
    • If you bring an empty bottle back to & other stories, you will get 10% off the next purchase on makeup and skincare products
  • Mark Hill Big Blow Thicker, Fuller, Volume Spray
    • This can become the next best thing for 'flat hair girl'
    • You can spray as much or as less of this product to your washed hair it doesn't harden your hair like other styling sprays.  It definitely helps to volumise your hair which can last up to 8 hours, pretty good, eh?  The trick is though you have to blow dry your hair to help giving it volume.
  • Caudalie Lip Conditioner
    • The formula of this conditioner is creamy which makes my lips ultra soft.  I apply two coats before I go to bed and my lips feel conditioned the next morning
    • This product is ADDICTIVE!
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir
    • I have already repurchased this product.  I love the scent as it wakes me up whenever I feel a bit dull.
What have you used up this month?  Will you try some of these products?

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Kate Spade Headlines Mugs

When I saw these Kate Spade Headlines Mugs available in John Lewis a couple of weeks ago, I was like OMG!  They are  extremely affordable (£20 each) compared to other Kate Spade beautiful products - handbags or clothing......

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's just take a moment to look at this tasteful and chic Kate Spade Headline Be Jewelled mug.

They are the perfect sized mug - large enough for a good cuppa just when you need it, in the morning, mid-morning, afternoon or any time of the day.  The handle is wide enough you can hold it comfortably with you hands, that it wouldn't touch the side of the mug when your drinks is still hot.

The design is subtle, although the logo of Kate Spade is on the bottom of the mug; fans of Kate Spade, I'm sure you can tell straight away when you see the design on the mugs.  They are simply gorgeous.

Which one would you go for?

I'm so pleased that Kate Spade has launched a massive range of products, available in John Lewis.  You can click here  to view the collection.  They range from mugs, to photo frames, key rings and vases, etc.

They will be great gift ideas!

Friday, 24 May 2013

J Crew Pop Up Store 24-25 May 2013

I am broadcasting about the J Crew Popup store live from the Western Transit Shed at Kings Cross.

It was the most fascinating experience.

I walked along York Way, until I was a bit lost but suddenly saw some trendy people walking along with me, heading towards the same direction, I knew I found my way correctly!

Soon after turning a few corners, I saw a massive arrow sign saying J Crew Popup store, come and visit. I was getting even more excited. All I could think of was its infamous Pixie Pants, signature accessories.

I arrived at a newly built area, I realised this is one of the campus sites for Central  Saint Martin's, my curiousity became even more intense! I had no idea at the back of Kings Cross Station, all these have been developed.

Anyway, I finally arrived at J Crew Popup store. It's situated inside a warehouse type of building. There are loads of amazingly dressed mannequins. I chatted to one of the (J) Crew members, these are the Autumn/ Winter Collection, for both women and men, also for children. There is also a great collection of handmade necklace. 

A small selection of cashmere is available to buy, very soft to touch and its amazing quality. The colours available are extremely eye-catching. 

I was really tempted to buy one but looking at the price list, they start from £190, so I bought none.... Sorry! However if you buy any of the cardigans today or tomorrow from the Popup store, you get a free service for your initials to be threaded on it, tempted?

Even if you don't end up buying anything, this is a totally worthwhile experience to start a great bank holiday weekend!

J Crew Popup store is open 24-25 May, at Western Transit Shed, 3-4 Stable Way, London N1C 4AB.

The flagship store will be opening in November on Regents Street. A preview store will be opening on Lamb Conduit Street in October. 

New Beauty Find - Kiko Make up Milano

Have you heard of the brand Kiko?  They have been around since 1997 and apparently it is a very popular brand in Italy where it was originated from.  I have walked pass its shop for about a million times whenever I'm in Westfield shopping centre, Shepherd's Bush.  Finally I took the plunge and bought a few things to give it a try.  Thanks to Ruth Crilly (AModelRecommends) who featured one of Kiko's products on her youtube Channel, I was convinced.  Sometimes a lady needs a bit of pushing and convincing to give something a try!

I didn't go too crazy on it but I bought a few 'key' items to try.  Recently I'm on the hunt on good primers, despite having found my holy grail product - Becca Resurfacing Primer.  Originally I was looking to get the Skin Glow moisturising cream but it was sold out on the day I shopped there.  Instead, I was recommended to get the Instant Perfection Smoothening & Destressing fluid (£12.90)

It is used as a 'SOS' product on days when your skin feels dull and it helps to brighten up your skin, used as a primer.  It contains tiny light-reflecting particles which makes this fluid looks a bit 'pearly' but it doesn't look shimmer on your skin when you apply it.  It just helps to put the glow back to your skin.

Bare Face
instant perfection fluid + foundation
So far, I'm impressed by this product.  It is a light weight product and it offers more of a water-based texture rather than a silicone based texture.  This primer also helps my makeup to stay put and the glowing effect that it gives is also long-lasting!

Next up in the line are two eye products.  Precision eye pencil in #301 Matita Occhi, a dark brown colour.  It is amazingly pigmented and so easy to draw a perfect line, as the name of the product suggests: precision!  I'm totally devoted to eye liner pencil, meaning I can't use a liquid eyeliner.  This pencil has become one of my recent favourite.  It offers a foolproof finish, I can even say that it will be a perfect eyeliner pencil for any 'eyeliner virgin'!  If you want to know how it looks on the eyes, please click here which I have done a post about this.

As I have painfully short eye lashes and even curling them doesn't make them look curlier or longer.  I need external help.  I came across this 30 days extension night treatment booster mascara.  I have been using this every night as the last step of my skincare routine since 1 May.  I shall report on it after I have completed the treatment round!  So far, dare I say, I think it has made a difference, especially when I wear my normal mascara during the day I found my lashes longer?!

Then it has to been a purchase from the nail polish department.  These nail polish only costs £2.50!

 Surprisingly, they are of extremely high quality.  The polish is substantial, it doesn't leave any streaks of lines on your nails.  I put two coats on but you could easily slap just one coat on to get a sheer effect.
This colour is a very natural beige/ nude colour in #220.  It has tiny shimmer within it and looks perfect on the nails.

Finally I picked up the most random thing from the shop - a glass nail file.  I have always wanted one but they are often too expensive.  This one only costs £2.50 and so far I have been enjoying filing my nails using this!

Are you tempted?  Perhaps you want to pay a visit at Kiko in Westfield this bank holiday weekend?  They are on the 1/F and there are loads of products in the shop.  Staff are really friendly and you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun shopping in there, even just for a little browse!  Kiko is opening a shop on Regent's Street soon and I will definitely be visiting and updating you guys about it!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

A very girlie afternoon - beauty and bread

Last week, my lovely friend Susana sent me a 'SOS' message to ask about tips for skincare.  I said, yeah let's go shopping, Susana!

We met up at Boots in Oxford Street, the best drugstore in the whole of the UK in my opinion.  On the ground floor you find a good selection of designer brands' beauty products, at the back of the store you find all the drugstore brands' makeup products.  This time we focused on skincare so I brought Susannah to the basement floor where it stocks ALL the possible drugstore brands skincare products you can (and cannot) possibly think of.

Susana complained about the appearance of a few fine lines here and there in the under eye areas, and between the eyebrows when she frowns.  I learnt that recently this stage that Susana (and I, because we are of the same age at our early 30s) is experiencing is called Early Sign of Ageing.  We looked through a few ranges and I recommended a number of key brands which have become my recent favourites: Avene, La Roche Posay, Vichy, Eucerin and Indeed Labs.  Their ranges cater for all types of skin: dry/ sensitive, combination/ oily, combination/ normal and acne/ blemish prone  They are reliable and well-known brands which are reasonably priced, and effective.

We talked through Susana's morning and evening skincare routines, on the whole she is happy with what she is using at the moment but would like to have a few additions to target those less satisfactory areas.

Here are all the things that Susana bought (which she was being a very sensible shopper, well done!)

The new skincare additions for Susana include:

  • La Roche Posay Hydraphase Eyes - £14.50 for 15ml
    • good for injecting hydration to the eye areas to result in less puffy, reduced appearance of eye bags and hydrating fine lines around the eye areas
  • Avene Eau Thermale Eluage Gel - £25.45 for 15ml
    • Great for correcting those wrinkles and deep lines
    • Susannah will use it in targeted areas such as frown lines
  • Vichy Purette Thermale Hydra Perfecting Toner - £11 for 200ml
    • A good toner will help Susannah to tighten those pores on the face after she has cleansed her face
Then Susana also got herself a Gel Cuticle Remover (£6.45) by Sally Hansen and some manicure sticks for those little annoying dried skins round the cuticles. 

All five products cost just under £48 which is a bargain, also Boots is currently doing 3 for 2 offers across all skincare products.  If you are thinking of getting a few bits and bobs for yourself, perhaps this is the time to do it? 

After some cardio exercise (translation - shopping), we girls needed to sit down and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake.  We made our way to a lovely cafe called Bateel on New Bond Street.  Bateel is famous for its delicious dates and they do some special stuffed dates, too.  They also serve a nice range of coffees and teas, confectionary pastries and savoury snacks, too.  It's a quite cafe which you can always find a seat in here, definitely a fantastic spot to look out for if you are in the area shopping next time.  

Susana and I had a lovely afternoon doing all things girlie.  We will meet again in a few weeks time to see how she gets on with her products.  I will definitely update with you guys of the progress!

Finally I want to say a big thank you to Susana for trusting my recommendations, I can't wait to see you in a few weeks' time to see how you get on with your skincare additions!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Every little details - my iphone case collection

I consider myself as quite an attention-seeker, be it to people or to objects, to others or to myself.  That is why even for my iphone, I'd like it to have more than one piece of 'clothing' (case) to change according to seasons, outfits, occasions or by mood swings!

So, without further ado, here's a peek into my little iphone case collection!  

In terms of practicality, I love my Marc Jacob's iphone case because it is rubbery so it provides better protection to my phone if it drops.  It's happened once before and the rubbery case has definitely protected my phone by absorbing the 'shock' when my phone dropped on the floor.  It definitely has got my thumbs up on that one!

I do love my pinks, that's why I've picked up the other pink ones from Hong Kong whilst travelling.  There is such a massive collection of iphone cases in shops everywhere in Hong Kong, I was so spoilt for choice and ended up picking these two.

I love the following iphone case, in the shape of a handbag:

Not only is this cute, it's also highly practical if you were in a cocktail party and holding your phone, you can just wear it round your wrist - such an elegant and cute way to hold your phone!

My current favourite would have to be this Chanel Nail Varnish bottle iphone case!

It's the cutest thing ever, I have only bought this recently on ebay.  Even though it is cheap, the quality is pretty good.  The design of the iphone case is very sleek so when it is clipped to your iphone, it makes your phone feels slim instead of bulky!  I absolutely adore it.  Also what's even better is that this colour is in #617 Holiday, which is my name!  The iphone case is destined to belong to me!

What iphone case are you rocking these days?  Do share!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

UK Drugstore Haul #3

Shopping in drugstores, namely Superdrug and Boots predominatly in the UK is a fun act.  It definitely feels like a little girl going into a massive sweets shop, you have endless choice in front of you.

Superdrug is now doing 3 for 2 offers across all cosmetics brands - which is evil especially to those (like me) who doesn't have strong will-power to resist such temptation.  

I surrendered, and picked up a few things recently.  This amazing offer ends in early June (translation: still plenty of time to make the most of it, guys!)

Here's what I picked up in my most recent trip to Superdrug:
N.B. My local Superdrug store is in Marble Arch, I think it's the best one in the UK as it stocks the most complete range of brands ever.

I know what you must be thinking...... 'I seem to have seen you blogged about the Bourjois' new cream blushes.'  Yes you are right, I picked up #2 and #3 to start with and wrote a review on it.  It's so nice that I went back to pick up #1 and #4 to complete my collection!

They are really nice in texture, soft and creamy.  They aren't the most pigmented cream blusher however, but they are perfect for spring and summer.  You can definitely build the intensity of the colour up.  It doesn't contain any shimmer so it's great for a natural look.  I have used all four colours so far and all colours are versatile that goes with any makeup look that I do.

Let's keep to the theme of a blush product, here's what I picked up from Rimmel

It is Rimmel's Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in #080 Bronze.  I own #050 Live Pink and have featured this product in my previous post.  I'm curious to try this Bronze colour as a contouring product.  I have been looking for one but have had no luck, because they are too dark for me and no matter how I work it in my skin, it just doesn't work and turn orange for me.  This one looks pale enough that I might be able to pull it off.  I'm yet to try but will report on it at a later date.

Next up in the line are two nail polishes

It's probably to do with the weather I'm eyeing on brighter colours, so I picked up these.  One from Barry M #272 Shocking Pink.  Another one is from Nicole by OPI in 'A Like-Haley Story', oh how I love these names!  I have been longing to try this one from Nicole, it hasn't disappointed me.  It's a very similar colour to Barry M #272 Shocking pink but it has added shimmer whereas the Barry M one is a plain fuchsia pink colour.

Finally for the eyes, I picked up....

I have been absolutely thinking about getting the Clump Defy mascara by Max Factor for a very long time.  I know it's the same one by Cover Girl (which is not available in the UK but in US).  I have heard tons of good things about it and I tried it the following day after I bought it.  Wow, it's such a nice mascara, it defined my lashes, it opens up my eyes like no other mascara! Definitely worth a try if you have short lashes like me which needs a bit of fixing!

Finally an eyeshadow product by Fashionista, its name is called 'Stylish'.  This is the first product I own by Fashionista.  I'm slowly hearing people mentioned about this product so I finally picked one of these up.  I was completely drawn to its lovely marble effect on the pan.  It is a shimmery rose gold colour.  I think it will be great to slap on all over the eyelids as a shadow base or wear it on its own, it will stand out.

I hope you enjoyed my haul.  I want to hear from you if you have picked up anything from Superdrug these days?

How long can your beauty products live?

If I could put a limit on the shelf life to my beauty products, I wish they would never go out of date!

Ever wondered about how long does a beauty product last for?  In today's post, I want to draw your attention to this very important topic!

I've picked out a handful of beauty products from my collection and have a closer look into each of them.

As you can see there are base products, lip and nail products, cream and powder blush, eye shadows, mascaras and some skincare products.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to turn to the back of your products, then you will find an 'open cap' symbol in which you will find it says something like 12M or 30M, like so.....

This basically means this product can be kept up to 12 months or 30 months.  In this instance, my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation can be kept up to a year's time and my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder can be kept for a longer time, over 2 years.  

Sometimes, this symbol is not printed at the back of a product but at the bottom part of the product, like this one for my Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation....

I notice that an average shelf life for base products range between 12 months to 2 years and beyond, which is quite handy as it often takes AGES to finish a new foundation.

I have to be honest though, before I wrote this post, it never occurred to me that there is a shelf life for nail colours.  How silly I was, of course everything has an expiry date!  Two of my nail polishes will last between 24 months to 36 months - great news this means I will have plenty of time to spend with them!

I always thought that mascaras have the shortest life expectancy of 6 months amongst all the beauty products - I was only half right.  Take a look at two of the mascaras that I have:

The Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara has a 12 month shelf life whereas my Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara has what I thought a 6 months shelf life.  I took another look of another of my mascara, the Max Factor Clump Defy mascara it also has a 6 month shelf life.  They vary - the key is to take a look at these when you buy them.  I'm pleased about the findings because I really love my Rimmel Lash Accelerator and for it to have a 12 month shelf life means that I won't need to rush through using it but hopefully the content won't dry up before I use them up!

Next up is a range of eye and face products include: Soap & Glory Lid Stuff and Love at First Sight Cheek Powder, Bourjois Cream Blush:

These all have a rather long shelf life from 18 months, all the way to 36 months.  Haha this means buying blushers continue to be a likely act for me, apart from my obsession of cheek products, it means that they are to be kept for longer before I need to use them up!  Keep buying!!

Then I had a look at my lip product, too and I picked up the Revlon Superlustrous lipgloss.  Unfortunately it has the smallest printing one can read properly.  Basically it says '18m' at the bottom of the bullet - can you read?

Finally, let's round these all up to have a look at the shelf life for some skincare products including hand cream, cleansing milk, etc.

There is again a range of duration occurs here, from as short as 6 months (cleansing milk) to all the way to 24 months (exfoliator).

There isn't a fixed answer for how long you can keep each product for but looking across the above specimens, it can be as short lived as 6 months to a staggering 36 months.  However, I must remind you that whilst you enjoy using them, it is also important that you keep them in a dry and cool place so that bacteria cannot grow.  Especially for mascaras, every time when you take the wand out from the tube, you are introducing bacteria to it so it's best to avoid 'pumping' your wand back into the tube unnecessarily.  It's your eyelashes you are dealing with, they are delicate and surely you don't want to get an infection as a result.

I hope that you have a better idea of shelf life of beauty products, perhaps it's time to go through your beauty collection and have a clear out?