Friday, 24 May 2013

J Crew Pop Up Store 24-25 May 2013

I am broadcasting about the J Crew Popup store live from the Western Transit Shed at Kings Cross.

It was the most fascinating experience.

I walked along York Way, until I was a bit lost but suddenly saw some trendy people walking along with me, heading towards the same direction, I knew I found my way correctly!

Soon after turning a few corners, I saw a massive arrow sign saying J Crew Popup store, come and visit. I was getting even more excited. All I could think of was its infamous Pixie Pants, signature accessories.

I arrived at a newly built area, I realised this is one of the campus sites for Central  Saint Martin's, my curiousity became even more intense! I had no idea at the back of Kings Cross Station, all these have been developed.

Anyway, I finally arrived at J Crew Popup store. It's situated inside a warehouse type of building. There are loads of amazingly dressed mannequins. I chatted to one of the (J) Crew members, these are the Autumn/ Winter Collection, for both women and men, also for children. There is also a great collection of handmade necklace. 

A small selection of cashmere is available to buy, very soft to touch and its amazing quality. The colours available are extremely eye-catching. 

I was really tempted to buy one but looking at the price list, they start from £190, so I bought none.... Sorry! However if you buy any of the cardigans today or tomorrow from the Popup store, you get a free service for your initials to be threaded on it, tempted?

Even if you don't end up buying anything, this is a totally worthwhile experience to start a great bank holiday weekend!

J Crew Popup store is open 24-25 May, at Western Transit Shed, 3-4 Stable Way, London N1C 4AB.

The flagship store will be opening in November on Regents Street. A preview store will be opening on Lamb Conduit Street in October.