Friday, 24 May 2013

New Beauty Find - Kiko Make up Milano

Have you heard of the brand Kiko?  They have been around since 1997 and apparently it is a very popular brand in Italy where it was originated from.  I have walked pass its shop for about a million times whenever I'm in Westfield shopping centre, Shepherd's Bush.  Finally I took the plunge and bought a few things to give it a try.  Thanks to Ruth Crilly (AModelRecommends) who featured one of Kiko's products on her youtube Channel, I was convinced.  Sometimes a lady needs a bit of pushing and convincing to give something a try!

I didn't go too crazy on it but I bought a few 'key' items to try.  Recently I'm on the hunt on good primers, despite having found my holy grail product - Becca Resurfacing Primer.  Originally I was looking to get the Skin Glow moisturising cream but it was sold out on the day I shopped there.  Instead, I was recommended to get the Instant Perfection Smoothening & Destressing fluid (£12.90)

It is used as a 'SOS' product on days when your skin feels dull and it helps to brighten up your skin, used as a primer.  It contains tiny light-reflecting particles which makes this fluid looks a bit 'pearly' but it doesn't look shimmer on your skin when you apply it.  It just helps to put the glow back to your skin.

Bare Face
instant perfection fluid + foundation
So far, I'm impressed by this product.  It is a light weight product and it offers more of a water-based texture rather than a silicone based texture.  This primer also helps my makeup to stay put and the glowing effect that it gives is also long-lasting!

Next up in the line are two eye products.  Precision eye pencil in #301 Matita Occhi, a dark brown colour.  It is amazingly pigmented and so easy to draw a perfect line, as the name of the product suggests: precision!  I'm totally devoted to eye liner pencil, meaning I can't use a liquid eyeliner.  This pencil has become one of my recent favourite.  It offers a foolproof finish, I can even say that it will be a perfect eyeliner pencil for any 'eyeliner virgin'!  If you want to know how it looks on the eyes, please click here which I have done a post about this.

As I have painfully short eye lashes and even curling them doesn't make them look curlier or longer.  I need external help.  I came across this 30 days extension night treatment booster mascara.  I have been using this every night as the last step of my skincare routine since 1 May.  I shall report on it after I have completed the treatment round!  So far, dare I say, I think it has made a difference, especially when I wear my normal mascara during the day I found my lashes longer?!

Then it has to been a purchase from the nail polish department.  These nail polish only costs £2.50!

 Surprisingly, they are of extremely high quality.  The polish is substantial, it doesn't leave any streaks of lines on your nails.  I put two coats on but you could easily slap just one coat on to get a sheer effect.
This colour is a very natural beige/ nude colour in #220.  It has tiny shimmer within it and looks perfect on the nails.

Finally I picked up the most random thing from the shop - a glass nail file.  I have always wanted one but they are often too expensive.  This one only costs £2.50 and so far I have been enjoying filing my nails using this!

Are you tempted?  Perhaps you want to pay a visit at Kiko in Westfield this bank holiday weekend?  They are on the 1/F and there are loads of products in the shop.  Staff are really friendly and you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun shopping in there, even just for a little browse!  Kiko is opening a shop on Regent's Street soon and I will definitely be visiting and updating you guys about it!


  1. I've never tried Kiko before! Looks like they have some great products :)

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    1. They are all great products! I will want to try the blusher next! I like your blog by the way!
      Cynthy xx