Monday, 11 May 2015


Are you a fussy person when it comes to choosing the right nail polish remover?  Oh yes I am!

I need my nail polish remover to be a) removing nail polish in no time, b) removing nail polish thoroughly in no time, c) doesn't leave my nails dry and chapped.  The first two criterion are the most important, otherwise; why one needs a nail polish remover?

Recently, I managed to change my nail polish up quite regularly and I have tried 3 nail polish removers in a short period of time and wanted to talk about them.

essie's good as gone - when Vivianna from Vivianna does makeup highly raved about this, I thought how good can this be?  Often I'm left quite disappointed with branded nail polish remover.  Not until I tried other bad ones did I know how great and effective this one is.  This essie's one is the best out of the three here, and possibly one of the best ones I have tried.  Although I haven't tried using this to remove any glitter shades, for darker or brighter colours, this one does the job so well.  A few swipes on the nails, there the polishes are gone - good as gone!  It doesn't leave my nails feel too dry either.  It's definitely an all-rounder.  I would definitely repurchase!

Watson's revival nail polish remover - when I have finished the essie's one, I thought I would try something different so there I was in Watson's looking for a new nail polish remover to try.  However there aren't that many to choose from, in fact; only two to choose from.  I opted for this one and I'm not at all satisfied by it.  This one is beyond disappointing.  If I may say so, if I was to use this remover to remove my nail polish; I might well just use water to do so....... enough said.

O.P.I. original polish remover - as a matter of urgency, I purchased this one by O.P.I.  I haven't really tried many nail products by O.P.I. but I'm pleasantly surprised by how good this is.  I mean, it's not the best one yet, not quite as good as 'good as gone', but it's good enough to do the job quickly enough for me to get on with another task efficiently, and it does leave my nails pretty clean (not as good as 'good as gone', again).

What's your favourite nail polish remover?  Have you tried any of the above?

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