Wednesday 21 August 2013

Sephora Haul in Prague

I remember when I was younger, Sephora existed in the UK but gradually it disappeared.  Now that I'm a lot more grown up and so much more into makeup, I found that there is a missing part in the beauty puzzle that Sephora isn't around anymore in the UK.

When I found out that there is Sephora in Prague, it's become one of my 'must-go' places when I was there for holiday.  The excitement was beyond words can describe when I saw Sephora (call me sad), my heart was pumping during the short 20-25 mins visit there (as my husband was with me and like many other partners, boyfriends and husbands, his head was down playing with his iphone, following me around whilst I carried with me the little basket picking and trying things on around the shop).

As expected, Sephora in Europe doesn't stock brands such as Tarte or Michael Todd's, etc. but what they do have is Helena Rubinstein which is rather famous for its mascara (I've used two but wasn't blown away by it but I was still excited to see the counter).  This line has been discontinued and can't be found in the UK.

Make Up Forever also owns a place inside Sephora, as we can get their stuff in the UK (even though it is limitedly available), I only had a browse at their stuff but didn't buy anything from it.  As my aim was to only buy beauty products that I CANNOT get in the UK.

This means that my goal for my trip to Sephora to get its own brand makeup products.  Wow, I wasn't aware of how much Sephora does for makeup and how established their ranges are, from base, to eyes and lip products, you name it I can find it here.  Price wise, it is more expensive than drugstore brands like Max Factor and L'Oreal but costs less than high end brands such as Nars and Lancome.

I bought a range of products from nails, eyes, lips to makeup tools as I wanted to try out a few different things by Sephora.

The Sephora cotton pad was a complimentary gift as a result of the purchase which I gladly received as someone who wears makeup would totally understand how quickly one can go through a tub of cotton pads.

Every now and then when I apply makeup, there are some accidents like eyeshadow fall out on the under eye areas, I stabbed my mascara brush literally onto my eyes and ended up looking less than presentable but I was half way through my makeup - these Targeted eye remover swabs would definitely come in handy when that day comes again.  Especially these hand little q-tips are rather difficult to find in London, there's no reason why I wouldn't pick these up.

These mini Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polish are so cute I picked up Redberry Smoothie, Vodoo doll and Driven men wild.  I have already worn all these colours and they have passed the test - the combination of a flat brush and the thick consistency of the formulation make the application a complete dream; also they don't chip easy either - Sephora, I think you have 'nailed' it!

There's something about stick-form makeup which screams convenience and quick.  On days when I just can't be bothered to reach for my brushes to blend blend blend, I turn to my eyeshadow crayons.  I welcome these two Crayon Jumbo Liner 12HR wear I picked up #08 gold and #04 taupe.

They are extremely easy colour to wear which I have worn both of these colour at the same time once.  They are quite easy to blend and pigmented.  I don't usually have problems with my makeup moves during the day so I say they stay put well.  If you have oily eyelids and have tried these before, let me know if they are good or not.

On the forever search for a perfect mascara that delivers at all time, I wanted to give Sephora own brand triple action mascara.

I don't know if I would ever go back to wearing black eyeliners so whenever I buy a new eyeliners these days, I stick with my dark brown shade.  It was an obvious choice for me then to get Sephora long lasting kohl pencil in #06 Deep Brown.

I said it above there's something about stick-form makeup products that really have got my attention based on various reasons.  Nars Satin Lip Pencil is something that I have been thinking of getting for ages, and also I would swatch it on my hands every time when I walk pass their counter.

I'm so pleased that Sephora also has their own lip pencil and I picked up #07 gorgeous peach.  Like the name suggests, it really is a gorgeous, slightly shimmery peachy colour.  When I swatched it on my hands it gives a glossy finish, although not quite identical to Nars lip pencil; I can imagine the Sephora one provides a slightly more price-friendly alternative.  I can't wait to wear it.

My makeup brushes collection is definitely growing.  I also feel more comfortable applying makeup using brushes and am not afraid to use them using my creativity, meaning using a powder brush to highlight my face, etc.

I have also seen a few Youtubers raved about Sephora own brand brushes, therefore I picked up a mineral powder brush #45 which I plan to use it as a stippling brush to apply blusher, and an all over shadow brush #22 which one can never have too many of.

I am really pleased with all my purchases from Sephora and am so excited I get to own some more Sephora products as it is so difficult to get hold of.

Have you used any of these products before?  I want to know what you think of them!

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  1. Hi! I know this is an old post, but I stumbled across it while googling "sephora prague". I'm travelling there in September this year and I'm curious (if you can remember) if they sell Too Faced, Hourglass and Anastasia Beverly Hills products in Prague's Sephoras? Thanks. :)