Friday, 9 August 2013

My Space NK Wish List

On my birthday recently, my sister (@Forksandbrushes) has kindly given me a Space NK giftcard with a generous amount of money inside.  I'm ever so grateful.  I am so spoiled!

I constantly have a real and mental shopping list for Space NK.  Now that I have got a giftcard, I'm getting quite hyped up about working on my a real wish list to perfection!

There are a few brands that I particularly want to own more of their products - Chantecaille (crazily expensive but amazing quality), hourglass, Kevyn Aucoin and By Terry.  Amongst these all, I still haven't tried anything from By Terry.

First up is By Terry Hyaluronic Blush in Blushberry, £28.  I have played around with this blush every time when I visit a Space NK shop (my weekly duty).  I like it more and more, not only because I am a blusher junkie; I found that the texture of this blush very unique.  I guess it is thanks to the hyaluronic acid that this blush contains (and most of what By Terry products have).  It feels very watery to hand, and it is somewhere in between a light cream moisturiser texture and a cream blush, with a blush stain characteristic, too.

Image obtained from Space NK website

There are only 2 shades (Peach Posh and Blushberry) in this Limited Edition cheek product.  I like Blushberry more because the finish colour is more of a pale red wine stain which would be great for autumn/ winter.  At the same time pink and peachy colours shouldn't restrict a girl's choice when it comes to blusher - a more red-toned cheek can look very elegant, too!

The second By Terry product that I have in mind is the Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow stick (£27.5, ouch!)
Image obtained from Space NK website
It comes in an impressive 13 shades in the range.  I have played around with it and swatched it on my hands every time when I visited Space NK.  First I didn't quite like how strong the colour stays on my hands but gradually I was drawn to it more because of the intensity of the colour and the shimmery effect that it gives.  When I tried to blend it on my hands it felt like it was very easily blended.  Sometimes I'm all about the easy to go makeup that kind of gal, a stick form/ crayon shaped eyeshadow seems to be growing on me.

Next up in the line is Kevyn Aucoin - Sculpting Powder (£34).

Image obtained from Space NK website
Why specifically this product?  I'm definitely hearing more good reviews about this product.  I'm not a follower as such but I'd like to hear what other people had to say before I would buy something.  It is also because I am getting more of the hang of 'sculpting' or should I say 'contouring' my face.  My desire for trying out different contouring products have since grown.

Again, I basically swatched this product every time when I'm in a Space NK shop.  I have to say I am yet to try it on my face.  It doesn't contain any shimmery particle in it which I like but the slightly 'ashy brown' finish kind of scare me.  Perhaps it's time to have a serious play around this product, i.e. trying it on my face!

So, what might come up on my Space NK wishlist?  It's got to be something from hourglass.  My favourite beauty product by hourglass is the Veil Fluid Makeup, it is such a sensational base product.  Not only is it light, it provides the coverage that one needs but the finish is natural, transparent and I feel as if my skin is still breathing every time when I wear it.  In my hourglass collection I also have the Film Noir Mascara, Veil Mineral Primer, Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss and No. 28 Primer Serum. I have to say these products I am nowhere as excited as I am with the Veil Fluid Makeup base, nice but they didn't wow me.

However I have heard more than a few more positive things about the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil.

Image obtained from Space NK website

I have got quite a full pair of eyebrows so I can actually get away with not filling them in.  However I have got into the habit of filling in with some light brown colour which does make a difference to my total look on most occasions.  This brow pencil contains both the brush and the pencil (powder and wax) itself which seems extremely handy for a quick makeup routine or for travelling.

I used to be a perfume wearer and my all time favourite is Stella McCartney Stella eau de parfum which I have been using for over 10 years, I am this loyal!  Recently I wear a perfume less often but feel like it's time to make a return possibly.

I'm rather interested in a easy to store, light weight perfume instead of a traditional big and heavy bottle.  This Roll-On Eau Moheli Eau De Toilette from Diptyque seems like an attractive next move for my choice of perfume.

Image obtained from Space NK website

I think I'd better put a full-stop to my Space NK wish list for the time being.  I am rather excited about what I have on my wish list.  However I'll definitely be doing more research and paying even more visits to a Space NK shop for a little more careful browse and play around of the products before I make a decision.  So the list continues........

Do you have a Space NK wishlist?  What's on your list?

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