Tuesday 8 October 2013

Shopping ban and ban

Ok, it's official; I think I must have got some kind of obsessions with handbags. I just cannot resist the temptation, a lot of the times.

Apart from banning myself from buying more mascaras, I've decided I'm not going to buy ANY handbags until Christmas Day.

Yes, you heard me right and this is OFFICIAL! My tiny room cannot hold anymore new handbag additions, it's getting serious. A person, a normal person simply doesn't need THAT many handbags, I'm so freaking ill!

To mark the end of my unusual handbag shopping behaviour and the start of a new handbag free life, I couldn't help but have bought yet another handbag. I waited for 2 days and couldn't sleep on it and went into Zara to buy it. Total failure and guilt but am loving my new addition! Look how sad I am!

I'll report on how much of a struggle I will feel in the next 2 months or so. I'm not buying any handbags, I promised myself and you.

Wish me all the luck in the world! See you guys at the other end!


  1. This Zara bag looks so versatile for work and then for a night out. It's a gorgeous wine color!

    I think these shopping ban posts should lead to some updates regarding your bag and make-up collections.