Wednesday, 23 October 2013

La Roche-Posay Skincare

La Roche-Posay is without a doubt my favourite skincare brand.  Within a short space of time, I have used and repurchased 5 La Roche's products.

La Roche-Posay is affordable and at the same time, effective.  I feel that their products are very gentle, too.  La Roche's products work on skin types, Dry/ Dehydrated/ Sensitive skin , Oily Skin, skin prone to redness.

The Effclar Duo Cream (£13) was the first product I tried.  I heard good things about this to clear up clogged pores or any imperfections on skin.

Effclar is a range of products of La Roche-Posay, targeting at people who have blemishes prone skin/ oily skin.  Even though I don't have oily skin (I have dry/ sensitive skin), my skin can be prone to the agony blemishes on a monthly basis. I applied this cream on areas which may be affected by blemishes or slightly congested.  I found this useful in keeping my skin free from blemishes.  However I don't apply this cream everyday but only use it when a particular area of my skin is not in good condition.  I also found that if I continue to use it everyday, it somehow overwhelmed my skin.  So I only use it on areas which are a little congested until it goes back to normal, I'll stop using it.

Whilst on the hunt for a new facial cleansing product, I turned my decision to invest into another La Roche-Posay's product.  I have been using a cleansing foam for years as I was told it suited my skin more.  I guess as time went by, my skin has also changed a little bit.  I was lucky enough to meet a La Roche-Posay skincare expert and she suggested that I should consider using the Physiological Cleansing Milk (£11.50) instead of a foam as it doesn't dry my skin out like a foam or gel does.

I found that since using a cleansing milk, my skin feels softer and less dry (even though I still have dry patches round my nose).  I like this cleansing milk quite a lot and I have used up 2 bottles of it, I'm not sure if it is solely because of this product or is it down to a combination of products I am currently using; I definitely felt a difference on my skin.

Next up is probably a cult product as I would call it or people know about it.  A can of Thermal Spring Water (£7.50).  This is not just a can of thermal water inside, this water is full of antioxidant Selenium which claims to fight sign of ageing, helps to soothe skin irritated by external factors such as the sun or dermalogical treatments, etc.

I team this thermal water together with my cleansing milk as part of my morning and evening skincare routine.  I spray this on before and after I have cleansed my face, then use my face towel to pat dry ( no rubbing of face anymore, just gently pat dry with my floral towel).  I am yet to see a big difference of adding this thermal water to my skincare routine (I am currently on my 4th bottle) but it hasn't upset my skin in anyway and I do feel a lot more refreshed having used this product.  I must have fallen into the 'cult' again as I have stocked up on another 2 cans whilst Boots was on offer for 3 for 2 across all skincare products.

You will have read about my skin mayhem in the past months, if you haven't you can click here and here to see what happened.  I just wanted to say that this Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector (£9.19) has become my saviour to sort those blemishes out in an effective but gentle way.  Anything too strong or potent doesn't do my skin any good but the opposite.  This corrector can 'kill' a blemish in 2 days for me and within a week's time, it can significantly reduced the scars left behind.  I'd strongly recommend this blemish product for people who have dry and sensitive like me.

Last but not least in my La Roche-Posay's collection is this Nutritic Lips balm (£6).  I have to say I tried this because the packaging looks very much like my favourite Lip Conditioner by Caudalie.  Basically I was confused and thought that these two products would be the same purely by the similarities in their packaging.  However they are actually different.  The Nutritic Lips is slightly less moisturising to my lips whereas the Lip Conditioner is much more creamier in texture and very hydrating and moisturising to the lips, great to use as an overnight lip treatment.  I would say the Nutritic Lips is much more of a daily wear, good as a base before applying lipsticks if your lips are a bit on the dry side.

What about you?  Have you used any of these products before?  Have I tempted you to give these a try?

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