Friday, 25 October 2013

Disappointing Product #7 Lancome Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Cream

I haven't used many of Lancome products but because of its popularity and excellent reputations, I have a lot of trusts on its products.  When the lines on my face started to become more visible, I started to try out different products which claim to target those annoying lines.

When I saw this product I thought this seems like a dream product - Lifting, Firming and Anti-wrinkle. However I'm left rather disappointed with it.

After using it for one week, I started to develop more breakouts than I would normally do.  It started in my forehead area then my chin and around my cheekbone areas.  I couldn't put my fingers on which one single product that would have caused this.  I used method of elimination and reflected on which new product I have started introducing to my evening skincare routine.  It wasn't until I stopped using the Lancome Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Cream, my breakouts have calmed down.

I didn't want to waste the remainder of the cream so I thought I would use the cream on my neck and chest area.  However it was again a week into applying them, I have two spots developed.  I am quite certain that it was caused by the cream.  I feel it is a shame that this product has not worked for me.  I am sure for others it might be their holy grail product.  It is perhaps I have sensitive skin so I'm much more likely than others to develop a reaction from trying out new product.

This cream has a nice scent, it is creamy in texture but not greasy.  It is very easily absorbed by the skin.  All in all it should be a good product but it just didn't work on me.  Perhaps others who have used this and have had good results?  I want to hear from you!

Disclaimer: The post contains purely a collection of opinions of my own and they are not representative of others.  The skin reactions described in this post is entirely my own personal experience.  This post is for sharing experiences purpose. It is in no way of affecting consumers' choice of purchase.  The views expressed are entirely my own and once again is not representative of others.

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