Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hello lovely people

I hope everyone is enjoying a new season of Autumn, beauty and fashion; Halloween, pumpkins, gingerbread latte, etc....

I just want to share with all you a quick update as I might be idled for a week here on my blog but I promise as soon as things have sorted out, normal postings will be resumed.

Mr. H has unfortunately gone into hospital since late night on Friday. A lot of time has gone into taking care of him. He's doing fine but a few check ups are now inevitable. Guess it's due to some bachelor's lifestyle, high fat food intake and overindulgence in alcoholic drinks. 

Health is money, without help; no matter how beautiful we make ourselves, it isn't going to last.

Meanwhile, here's a few pic of the last haul I did before Mr. H admitted to the hospital 

I'm sure reviews of the above products will be read by you at some points in the next month or so.

Stay healthy, pretty and be good to yourself 


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