Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kissable lips, my evening lip routine

Who doesn't know I have the driest lips all year round by now? I've said it like every time on my blog now I must have bored you guys to heaven!

I am enjoying a rather effective lip hydrating combo for nearly a month now and I thought it's about time I should share with you.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Baume Levres Lip Balm (£9 or HK$165 available from Sasa).  It is a lemoney scented lip balm which gives a matte finish; so unlike your average lip balm which makes your lips shiny and glossy.   You definitely don't need much of these, but I tend to slap quite a bit on my lips and used it as a lip mask (I might well just go for it!). As I usually use this as part of my overnight lip treatment so it's brilliant in that sense.  After using this lip balm, I realised that actually, lip balm doesn't have to be greasy nor sticky to do its job right. 

Before I moisturize my lips, they need to be prepped. When I discovered Being Content, a hidden gem in Marylebone High Street; I learnt about ILIA Beauty and her fabulous lip product range. 

I picked up this Balmy Nights Lip Exfoliator (£20) because ILIA started her range specialising in lip products, I reckon ILIA must know how to keep her lips sexy and juicy!  One other lip scrub product I had tried in the past was by Lush. It worked really well but it often ended up in a messy act. Whereas this one by ILIA, as it is in a stick form, all you need to do is twist, turn and slap on your lips. Then I would use a couple sticks of cotton bud to rub on the surface of my lips to get rid of any dead skins. Any remaining exfoliate bits can then be swiped off by a dampened cotton pad or with a flannel. 

Then apply some of these lip balm by Nuxe, dependent on how dry my lips are; I would adjust how much I put these on.

I think I've found a lip treatment routine that worked for me. Do you imply a similar routine? What lip products do you use?

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