Saturday, 12 October 2013

Shopping ban update

The rules, simple;

  • No purchase of handbags and mascaras from 7 October to 25 December 
  • Limited/ restricted shopping/ purchase of skincare and beauty products unless absolutely necessary, i.e. complete run out of either category
  • since the relocation to Hong Kong, realised living spaces are a whole lot less and scarce 
  • to avoid my handbag drawers becoming overflown (yet again)
  • learn to appreciate my own collection of fashion and beauty items
  • learn to give time to use up beauty items, hence can show better reviews with you guys
  • learn to rediscover existing fashion and beauty items
  • my weakness is in the handbag department, I have so many there is no more reason to buy more
  • my overflowing mascaras collection - waiting to be used
  • failed on day 1 after announcing the ban - bought one more handbag
  • felt guilty but more determined
  • previously completed a 2 weeks shopping ban on beauty products - successfully accomplished, started using up more products and learnt to appreciate what I have in my collection
  • a 'what have been emptied' blog will be uploading soon
What handbag made me failed on day 1?

This, another yet again 'Chanel' look alike handbag.  I love the size of this, the heart shape pattern and the fabric materials, and with a very reasonable price tag of HK$139 (£11).  You see why I couldn't resist, and so to break my rule!  Please forgive me, I learnt another big lesson.

My dream bag is a Chanel quilted handbag, but as you fashion lover, trendy people know how expensive it is.  If I stopped buying anything, and I do mean anything - beauty, skincare, clothing, shoes, etc. I might be able to own one myself..........

One day, this will be achieved and I'll post a picture.

Are you with me on a shopping ban?  Have you tried banning yourself from shopping?

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