Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Under £5 Spring/ Summer beauty products series 2: key items

Spring is a time when I struggle a little bit to be creative to inject some new styling products to my wardrobe.  Having gone through a deep long and cold winter, I feel exhausted and am often in shock when Spring sprung.  In the UK, Spring can still be on the chilly side even the Sun may shine.

However, I'm determined to get into the mood of Spring quicker than everyone else would.  So here we go, a few products to share with you to add some colour back in your look and outfits without breaking your bank!

Zara pink knitwear £9.99

Top: Zara
Skinny Jeans: H&M £9.99
Scarf: Zara £19.99
Ballet Pump: Accessorize £20

I've become a bit of a Zara mania recently - I'm loving a lot of their simple but colour fashion items!  This baby pink knitwear only costs £9.99 (Sorry have to include in this blog even though it's about under £5 beauty products).  But getting a top from Zara for just £9.99 is pretty breathtaking.  The quality is so soft and there are a few colours in the range, too - royal blue, coral, black, white.

Second come in the line is....... the following;

Pastel nail colours are really popular this Spring/ Summer.  Sinful Colors Professional has definitely become one of my recent favourite nail polishes - I have done a blogpost about them so check it out.

Next come is the Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush by Rimmel 050 Live Pink, priced at £3.99.

The colour of the blush is so cute and it's exactly what it says on the tin - live pink.  It gives my cheeks a healthy pink glow without turning me into a clown!  Also the blusher is quite pigmented so you have to be light-handed.  I'm definitely going to try other blushers by Rimmel.

Rimmel Blusher, Rimmel Brown eyeliner, Lipsticks by 17 (Beehive)

Then comes another lip product...

LG142 Pinky Taupe

NYX cosmetics is an American brand so it isn't easily available on highstreets in the UK.  However, they do have an online shop available for UK customers so we are not to be disappointed!  Original price is £7 but these are on sale for only £4!  They smell like cherry but doesn't taste funny!  They are so glossy but not sticky.  You can see it comes out quite glossy and it's natural on the lips too.

Finally, it's a brown soft kohl eye liner pencil by Rimmel.

This brown eyeliner can be your great substitute for a black eyeliner which sometimes could be harsh on the eyes and a bit too much during the Spring/summer season.  They are only priced at £2.99!  It still does the job by making your eyes look 'wake up'.  This eyeliner pencil is so soft and easy to apply.  The colour stays on and doesn't smudge on me like some other black one from other brands do.

So this is it, my series 2 for Under £5 beauty products for Spring/Summer is completed!  I hope I'll come back for more for these amazing find!

What's your favourite budget beauty products for Spring/ Summer?


  1. Such a pretty colour lipgloss! :) x
    JordysBeautySpot.com ♥

    1. It's really nice you so should give it a go! Thanks for leaving footprints on my blog. Yours lovely too!

  2. Replies
    1. It hasn't got shimmery bits in it but it isn't a matte colour because it's got a hint of gold/ bronze in the rose pink so when it hits the light, it has a 'shimmery' effect but it's a subtle one. So far I'm liking it, it's a very easy colour to wear.

      Are you looking for a matte colour blush? Revlon's blush is pretty good.