Sunday, 21 April 2013

Under £5 Spring/ Summer beauty products series 1: Lipsticks by 17

Hello guys!  I wanted to share with all you some of my recent discovery of new products suitable for Spring/ Summer season.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas to some va va voom to your style without having to splash out on a load of cash!  Because all the products I'm going to talk about in this series (not sure how many series I will be doing for yet but I shall give it a best shot to keep them going!) is only going cost under £5 each.

From Left to right
Flirtini, Beehive, Love Note
Each priced at £4.79

These are one of my latest beauty products discovery - Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks.  I have to come clean because I have never tried anything from the line Seventeen because I feel that they are targeted at teenage girls and I have gone way pass that age.  Also their packaging of products are particularly appealing.  However recently I have heard a couple of Youtubers (@gh0stparties and @essiebutton) mentioned about these lipsticks so I thought I could give it a try.  They are not expensive so if anything goes wrong, I won't feel as guilty or a waste of money.

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks, you have completely taken me by surprise!  I'm falling in love with your products just by using it for one day, then I bought another two of your lipsticks, and even my mom is a fan now!

First of all, it's the price tag, it's only £4.79 and comes in a whooping 17 shades - I mean what more can you ask for?!

Secondly, the design of the packaging is so clever.  You thought it's just a ordinarly black tube looking lipsticks?  Well, perhaps you should stop and give it a try.  When you slide the lipstick open, an in-built mirror would just slide open itself as a result of the lipstick part being slided open....

I mean, how clever is that!  The hassle of having to bring an extra mirror out to reapply your lipsticks when you are on the go has completely been taken care of.  So CLEVER!

The texture of the lipsticks is soooo moisturising.  Seriously, I have the driest lips on earth but I could get away with wearing it without having to wear a lip balm underneath.

The colours I have picked are quite natural.  They are not like lip stain, colours are very subtle which I am more of a fan.

From Top to Bottom:
Beehive, Flirtini, Love Note
Beehive definitely comes out the palest and it is more of a nude colour which gives a very natural look. Flirtini is an easy to wear pink colour if you are a bit worried about wearing bright lipstick colours.  Love Note is definitely more on the red tone but I would say it is a muted red with a hint of coral.

Top to bottom
Flirtini, Beehive, Love Note

You can see what I meant by looking at the swatches above - they give a 'lip shine' finish without staining your lips.  If you are the kind of gal like me who like a natural colour finish on your lips and the moisturising quality, this one is worth a try for sure.

What's your favourite Spring/ Summer lipsticks or are you still in search for one?

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