Thursday, 11 April 2013

Origin's Super Spot Remover - First Use Impression

I consider myself as a lucky person who doesn't have problematic skin apart from just dry, dry and dry. I remembered only for a few years in my teens I was troubled by the visit of ACNE, mainly in the forehead area.  Since then I probably have grown out of this problem, with a rare spot here and there every now and then.

BUT...... it doesn't mean that I don't want to take controlling blemishes seriously!

Recently I discovered a product by Origins, it's called the Super Spot Remover, it is the Winner of the Tatler beauty awards 2012/13.  I've heard a lot of good things about it on the bloggersphere and on Youtube Channels.  I thought OK then I would give it a go!

So here it is!
Origins Super Spot Remover: Blemish Treatment Gel £13
Inside this ocean-blue bottle contains 10ml of this treatment gel.  I bought this at Peter Jones on Sloane Square, the counter lady told me the size is perfect to keep in my handbag.  Really?  Not sure if I would but great recommendations for you out there!

I was told you need a cotton bud to apply this gel onto your spot(s).  There is no 'stabbing' action onto the spot.  All you need to do is to smear a tiny droplet using a cotton bud onto the spot, remember no 'stabbing' action.

All you need is a cotton bud, and a spot!
So, for the first time in my life I was looking forward to seeing a 'spot' on my face and there it came a day after I purchased it!  Hooray!!!

So I applied the gel on my face as instructed by the counter lady, after I cleansed my face at night.  It stinks a little on the affected area, nothing too much then the gel dried up and formed a 'protective shield' over my spot.  I was pleased to see the 'result', it seems to be doing something.

The million dollars question is, 'has the spot gone the next day?'

It sort of has, not as miraculous as others said.  The gel has certainly 'killed' it.  However, what I didn't expect to see is that, because the gel is so potent/ effective, it's caused a slight redness at the outer circle around my spot and the area remains dry for a few days.

Overall, I am impressed by this.  To me there are side effects as described above.  My recommendations for use would be, a very thin layer of gel applied on the spot is probably more than enough - this is not the time to be greedy - LESS is MORE!  If you have dry/ very dry and sensitive skin like me, make sure you moisturise the area too because the gel does dry my skin out a little more than expected.

I hope you find my review useful.  I think I'll try other products by Origins.

Until the next acne, take good care of your skin, will ya?

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