Friday, 12 April 2013

A little outfit of mine

Today I want to talk about an outfit that I wore yesterday when I was out and about.

I think I'm into fashion but I don't follow fashion trends blindly.  For the most parts I think I prefer snapping up on bargain stuff which looks nice rather than buying the most fashionable item for that season.

I'd like to consider my style as: classic, colourful, sometimes plain but it can get a little adventurous and crazy every now and then.  Basically I'm greedy so I like to try out different things.

When it is between seasons, I found it extremely difficult to mix and match what I have in my wardrobe.

Yesterday I put together something which I think went really nicely together, I thought I looked put together!

Here it is....

Let me go through each item for you!

It is a chiffon material blouse which I bought when I travelled to Seoul, South Korea.  It has got some fur details and floral shapes round the collar and upper chest area.  It's so soft and comfy.  For those of you out there, I'm sure you can buy something similar in the UK or worldwide - this type of blouse is everywhere now in shops!

This blue and white print skirt was from New Look priced at £19.99.  I bought this last month and yesterday was my first time wearing it.  I remember loving it so much when I bought it and couldn't believe it I waited for a whole month before I wore it for the first time!  You can still get it in shops or online.  The pleated details are my all time favourite in a skirt as I'm very 'hip conscious' so a pleated skirt often does the trick!

My beautiful scarf is from Zara which I bought a couple of days ago.  It is priced at £19.99.  It is a square shaped scarf so wearing it has been a bit tricky as I must say I don't know how to fold and wear a square shaped scarf.  Nevertheless, the black and white polka dots pattern, with a massive tiger at the centre of the scarf makes is a great and versatile combination for whichever way I threw it round my neck!  And it keeps my neck nice and warm too.

My new handbag was from House of Fraser which I bought last weekend with my sister (you should check her blog, too it's called Forks and Brushes!) when we went shopping together.  The handbag is reduced down to £39.20 from £49.  It's such a nice sized handbag, elegant and goes with every outfits.  The material is sturdy too!  I love my bags!

You must be wondering why?  Well one must remember to ALWAYS bring an umbrella with you when you live in the UK as the weather is sooooo unpredictable!  I have specifics for my umbrella - it has to be small and light enough to keep in my handbag all the time, but at the same time it has to be strong and sturdy enough not to be destroyed easily by the strong winds that usually come with the rain!  Well done Cath Kidston for doing such fantastic job!

So you must be wondering what I wore for my feet, here it is...

My feet simply cannot stand the painful generated from wearing any sorts of heels, it is hard work.  These pretty ballet pumps from Accessorize are definitely my saviour in Spring/summer.  It is currently on sale from £30 to £20!  It comes in 3 other colours - nude/ navy and grey.  I had the pink and red ones from last year!  Almost the whole collection complete!  They are so comfy on my feet, so elegant yet can be wore with causal wear.

So there you go, my outfit of yesterday!

What do you like wearing these days?  Are you a big fashion person or you are like me who do your own thing?

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