Monday, 22 April 2013

This is not just an ordinary jelly, this is Lush's Whoosh shower jelly!

Lush is a brand I have mixed feeling about.  Whenever I walk pass the shop, it smells so nice and it's usually very colourful inside the store.  Also most of the times it is full of staff who are head-to-toe extremely enthusiastic and friendly!  The experiences I had so far in shops have been pleasant, much better than other beauty/skincare brands I have to say.  I don't feel pushed to buy anything whenever I'm inside the shop.  However, that said, every time when I go into Lush, I usually am there for a purpose.

I've used a few Lush products now but none of them have had me 'fallen in love' with them.  I don't know why but I kind of see this brand as exclusively for toiletries.

I got these as a part of a big giftbox as my birthday present last year from my sister Forksandbrushes.  Inside the massive colourful box, it contains a bunch of different products mostly toiletries stuff.  I loved it as a present because it is such a practical gift idea, and I get to try a range of Lush's products.  I remember I enjoyed using most of the products but none has left me a strong impression as this Whoosh shower jelly I'm going to talk about!

I started using Lush's Whoosh shower jelly a few days ago at the gym, usually after a vigorous workout in the morning.  This is the 'last product standing' in my giftbox and it's my mission to finish using all the products before it expires.  If you are familiar with Lush as a brand, they are well-known for its use of natural ingredients in all their products.

Anyway, back to the shower jelly.

I have never used any shower products in any other forms apart from lotion/ cream.  So the idea of using a wobbly jelly smear all over my idea is an alien one.  When I first open this little tub, the first thing I notice (with my nose) is the smell - it's a gorgeous, pungent but extremely refreshing 'LIME smell.  It's so nice that I feel 'awake' all of a sudden, and I feel re-energised already before actually used it.


You can see it looks like a darker ocean-green jelly.  You just need to grab a tiny bit of these jelly and start smearing your body with this as if you are using a soap.  No joke, a tiny amount is all you need and that it would just start to 'soap up' on your body, crazy, ha?

On the sticker it says, 'Whoosh was named after the sound of deadlines whizzing by.  Useful for renewed focus when tired, jet lagged or revising for exams.  Fortunately I don't have deadlines to meet these days as such but it definitely wakes up a tired body and helps to renew focus!

This jelly also contains all the natural stuff such as fresh organic lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh organic lemon, grapefruit oil and rosemary oil, etc.  I think this is probably why my body doesn't feel dry out at all after I've had my shower.

I'm definitely going to try their other jelly called Sweetie Pie 

Thanks Lush, this jelly is so special and it's definitely got the wow factor!

This is not just an ordinary jelly, this is Lush's Whoosh shower jelly!


  1. I love Whoosh! Smells sooo good and it's so fun!x


  2. I'm so glad I got to know this product! Glad you shared the joy of Whoosh, too!

    Thanks for leaving footprint here!

    Your blog is lovely! It has a peaceful and clean feel to it!