Friday, 12 April 2013

Star struck - meeting Pixiwoo!

With huge anticipation for over a week - finally today has come!  Meeting Sam Chapman from one of  the makeup duo - Pixiwoo on Youtube Channel.

Sam Chapman came to the Superdrug at Marble Arch for a make up demonstration/ promotion of her Real Techniques makeup brushes!  I was so excited about this!

A sneak peek of Superdrug before the event began

5pm 11 April 2013 - there she was, in front of my eyes - Sam Chapman!  A youtube beauty guru/ makeup artist whom I have been watching her (and Nic) video youtube for over a year.  I finally got to see her in real person - this is quite unbelievable!

She didn't keep us (fans!) waiting at all.  The event was opened causally by Sam's PR company (I believe), then it went straight into Sam giving out her first make up demonstration on a lady - focusing on using eye shadows and later on filling in her model's eye brows.
Sam Chapman giving out make up demo

A selection of make up and of course Real Techniques brushes Sam and Nic used

Sam was good, she sounded and behaved exactly like how she was on Youtube - that's why people like me like her so much!  To be honest, I was a little too shy to ask any questions or respond to any questions even though I was lucky enough to be standing in the front row.

Surprise came along shortly - Nic (the other half of Pixiwoo) made her appearance!  This was totally unexpected and an extremely pleasant surprise!  Sam and Nic - you two are perfect match in heaven - you two work seamlessly together!!
Sam and Nic, who joined in a little later (Pixiwoo)
I have thoroughly enjoyed my short 30 mins at this event, watching Sam and Nic doing makeup in real person!  They are fantastic!!!

Finally I bought a couple of brushes (one for my sister) to add to my existing collection of Real Techniques brushes!

Left: Foundation brush £8.99, Stippling brush £10.99
Do you own any brushes from Real Techniques?  If not, you should definitely give it a try. The brushes are soft, precise and so easy to use - great tools for flawless make up!  Superdrug is doing great offer for buy one get one half price, grab them while offers are on!

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