Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nail Collection Episode 1 - Sinful Colors Professional Nail Enamel

To launch the first episode into my full nail colour collection review, I want to introduce to you the newest members to my nail polish family!

The Sinful Colours Professional nail enamel, I believe they are a recent launch in the UK and are available in Boots.

Left: 954 Verbena, Right: 947 Mint Apple
This line contains about 70 shades and have mainly bright colours, just in time for anyone who is looking to wear something brighter on their nails for Spring/ Summer!

The colourful Sinful Colors Stand at Boots in Oxford Street

Each of these little beauties only cost about £1.99!  I wasn't skeptical about it at all when I bought it, I just wanted to try them!

Here's how they look like on my nails:

947 Mint Apple, Candle £5 from M&S

954 Verbena
I love them instantly and I think I'll go back and buy a few more colours and let you guys know how I get on with them!  The formulation of these nail polishes are great - you need two coats but the texture is quite thick.  The applicator is easy to use so there was no issue applying them on my nails.  There is no single bad thing about them to be said so far.

Girls out there - I think you should definitely give them a whirl.  It's only £1.99 and it can't go wrong, and it didn't!

Biggest discovery is that I was told this brand is made by Revlon.  So, you know what I'm going to say, if you are a budget beauty queen, Sinful Colours Professional definitely ticks the box!

Why wait any longer - check them out at Boots today!

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