Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nail Collection Episode 3: Pastel Violet

Violet (Purple) is my favourite colour, pastel violet is my true favourite colour on nails and to me it can never go out of fashion! I want to share with you three pastel purple colour that I own.  Whenever I haven't wore this colour for a long time or I run out of idea what colour I want, I always go back to a violet colour.

From left to right:
Revlon 250 Flirt £6.49
Nails inc. (freebie came with InStyle magazine)
Max Factor Max effect mini 08 Diva Violet £3.99
All three colours came out almost the same, let's have a look at how it actually looks when painted:

To my eyes, the Revlon and Nails inc ones are identical, the Max Factor shade is a little bit darker in shade than the other two.  

So if they are that similar, which one should you choose?  Let's compare the brushes and formulations....

For me, the Max Factor's brush is the easiest for application.  The brush is a bit more sturdier than the other two so it holds the polish a bit better when it is applied on your nails.  Then I would choose the Revlon one as the colour is longer lasting, and the brush is also easy to apply.  Nails inc would come the last.  I have used a few other of their colours, as much as they have got such a large range of colours; when it comes to ease of application and lasting power, it often disappoints me.  Especially there are better ones and less expensive ones out there.

So, if I were to choose one, I would go for Revlon one and their nail polish is slowly becoming one of my favourite nail polish brands!

Is violet nail polish one of your favourite colour, too?  Perhaps giving this a try before switching your nail colour today?

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