Thursday, 25 April 2013

A fresh look, thanks to Becca Resurfacing Primer

I think I've found my holy grail face primer and I cannot wait to share with you all my latest discovery of the best product on market - Becca Resurfacing Primer.

Becca is coming back to the UK, and in fact it is back 'online' and available from Space NK.  Becca is a brand which I have heard about it more and more gradually and I have not taken serious notice until Kate (also known as gh0stparties) raved about it a few times in her recent blogposts and that the Becca's Resurfacing Primer that she had a strong feeling about.

Finally, after somewhat I feel a rather long (probably only for a week) waiting, my Becca's Resurfacing Primer has finally arrived.  I used it almost soon after.  OMG, the result is stark, shocking and overwhelmingly impressive.  It's rare that I saw, felt, touched and in sync with a result that a product can do to my skin.

When I first tried it on my hands before applying it on my face, I thought, the texture felt nice and soft but it didn't make the skin of my hands look any different so I thought, ok I would wait until I put it on my face and observe the difference.

 Here we go - bare face and after a thin layer of the primer + my Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation...... I hope you can see an improvement on the complexion of my skin.

Bare Face
With Becca's resurfacing primer and Chanel Foundation on

I applied the primer first and waited for about 3-5 mins to let it settle, I observed really closely to the mirror but couldn't figure out how it has differed.  Then I applied my foundation on, and I noticed a difference - the complexion of my skin looks clearer, fresher and more awake.  It's smoothened out my skin tone in such a natural way - I didn't feel as if I looked 'made up' but full of natural glow. It's like magic but it was true - NOT A SINGLE WORD OF LIE.

The total look - happy face!

I then continued to put my makeup on and I think it made my total 'no make up makeup' look presented natural and clean.

I wore this for over 6 hours and it has helped my makeup to stay on and didn't move - what a great primer!  I also felt that my skin was breathing and didn't feel that by wearing the primer, it blocked my skin at all.

I'm already thinking about buying a second tube just in case it gets discontinued then I'll be left with not knowing what to do!  This product is 'THAT" good!

It contains 40ml costs £32.  Every penny worths in my very humble opinion.

What are you waiting for?  Go and grab some!

I'm definitely going to try out more of Becca's products when it's available in store in Space NK - I want to get my hands on them and play around with them a little bit.


  1. Is it worth getting in ur opinion, if i am not planning to apply foundation on it afterwards? Perhaps just a little concealer?

    1. If u hv got good skin, it's ok just to apply concealer after the primer. This primer gives ur skin a matt finish and helps to smooth your skin out. A real good prep for applying makeup