Sunday, 28 April 2013

April Empties

I wondered how quickly you would finish a beauty product?  As April is drawing to a close soon, I thought I would share with you some of the products I have finished this month!

It often takes ages for me to finish one, in all fairness, I think an average lifetime of a skincare product lasts for about 3-4 months (variable).  For makeup products it take even longer and some have a shelf life up to 30months or so.

This month, I've managed to use up a few products and it's given me a real sense of achievement - I have actually used up my purchases!

Here they are....

From back to front
Soap & Glory Endless Glove 2in1 Moisture Mask & Hand Cream £6.50
No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream £10.50
Klorane Soothing eye make-up remover lotion £6 (£5.40)
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye cream (£24.50)
I have enjoyed using all these products and they have all lasted me for quite a while especially the Kiehl's eye cream and Soap & Glory hand cream.

Not only am I a blush and nail polish junkies, I am also a handcream junkie.  This explains why there are 2 hand products in April's empties entry.

My first Soap & Glory product was their Hand Food.  It is a deliciously fragranced product smells of marshmallow.  It's a light-weight hand cream, it doesn't feel greasy at all.  It was only natural when I ran out of my hand food, I went straight back to Soap & Glory, then I came across this new product called Endless Glove 2in1 Moisture Mask & Hand Cream.  It continued to wow me with the amazing smell and it lasts (contains 8 oil include macadamia & grapeseed oils).  I feel that this product is moisturising and yet not greasy (again like the Hand Food).  Although I don't feel that it acted like a 'mask' as it were and that it says on the tube that it works for 12 hours after you apply it.  I'm not entirely sure about it   I think this hand cream is good for daily/ day time use especially those who care about hand care.  I use this every time after I wash my hands and I found it does the job well.

The No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream (the packaging must have changed as it looks different on this link to the one I have in my photo) is a great product in the Protect & Perfect line to my opinion.  It feels 'intense'.  It's more on the 'moisturising' side than the one from Soap & Glory.  I tend to switch between this one and the Soap & Glory one in the evening.  It also smells nice, it doesn't smell as sweet as Soap & Glory's.  

I would say I'm quite experimental when it comes to makeup remover.  I am a contact lens wearer and occasionally I remove my makeup when I still have my lenses on and I have had times when the makeup remover solution irritated my eyes.  Ever since then I was on the hunt for the mildest makeup remover formula.  Also I am a very impatient person so I want my products to work/ show signs that they work efficiently and effectively.

Anyway, I bought the Klorane Eye Makeup Remover Lotion a while back on  They are still on offer!  It is another French product so I didn't really think about it that much before purchasing it.  It has the word 'lotion' on the product name but it isn't a lotion, it's just a liquid form makeup remover.  It wasn't magical but it does the job.  I say it is quite effective.  You soak a bit of these makeup remover on your cotton pad (it comes out blue) then you pad it on the surface of your eyes for about 30 to 60 sec dependent on how heavy your make up is.  No rubbing is involved.  Then your eye makeup would come off, quite easily.  I used it for all over my face, too.  It doesn't cause any irritation to my skins unlike some other products.  This little bottle is only 100ml so I went through it really quickly, just under 4 weeks.  I found it a little bit pricey based on you are paying for only 100ml of these products.  I probably wouldn't re-purchase it again not because the product wasn't good..... it just wasn't spectacular.

I'm going to write a post about different makeup remover I've tried so watch this space!

Finally it's my Kiehl's Midnight Recover Eye Cream.  Inside this deep blue tube it contains only 15ml of the goodies but it has lasted me for 5 months, so even though it cost me a dear £24.50; it's worth the money for the length of time I got to use it.  Also, I feel that it is a good product to have.  The problem with me with eye cream is that I can't quite judge whether or not it works or not.  I don't have problematic under eye areas, apart from occasionally it's a bit puffy (if I drink too much water just before I go to bed) and I suffer from mild dark circles.  Thank god I don't have fine lines round my eye areas just yet.  I found this product moisturising, it is absorbed by my skin amazingly quick and it isn't greasy.  I don't feel the next morning when I wake up my under eye areas are dry.  So all in all I think this is a great product.  Would I re-purchase this product again?  Hm.... I think I will but not immediately.  At least not until I have tried a few more other eye products!  However, would I recommend this product to others?  Oh yes I would.

I'm working my way through all the products I've bought (new or old) and been using for ages.  What have you used up this month?


  1. Would u recommend Hand Food or Endless Glove?

  2. I would recommend Hand Food just because they are sooo similar and that Hand Food is £1.50 cheaper as well.