Monday, 29 April 2013

Nail Collection Episode 5: Maybelline Color Show

Welcome again to have a look into my nail collection, can't believe this is episode 5 already!  But this isn't the end yet - more to come.  I hope you have enjoyed my sharing to-date on my nail collection!

This episode I wan to dedicate it to Maybelline Color Show!

Left: 150 Mauve Kiss/ Right: 183 Speeding Light

I've never tried any nail polish from Maybelline and I must say I was attracted by the price tag more than anything when I bought my first one.  Each of these little bottles cost only £2.99!  Crazily inexpensive.  Once again it proved that you don't have to pay for expensive nail polishes to get an amazing results!

It seems like the 'gel finish' on nails are a real hit recently.  There is no exception with the Color Show range because these provide a 'gel finish', too and it looks shiny on the nails.  They are also long-lasting and chip-resistance.  It comes in 40 shades, too!

 I really like 183 Speeding Light - it's a lovely cross-breed between Fuschia and Pink with a metallic blue running through it.  It's more of a weekend colour I would say.  It's so just nice and makes you happy after you put them on!  The other 150 Mauve Kiss is also highly wearable, too - a bit business like if you want to keep your look simple but sophisticated.  It makes you look put-together!

Are you tempted to try these out?

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