Monday, 8 April 2013

Welcome to my first blog mumble!

Hello you!

If you are reading my blog for the first time, well - a very warm welcome and thanks for choosing me!

I have had a number of personal blogs in the past but they were pretty much only about expressing myself.  However, things are about to change about my 'blogging pattern'.

A year ago, I was introduced to the world of watching beauty videos made by Youtubers around the world, primarily those from the UK.  I was fascinated by it and have become more and more into beauty and skincare products!

I started to think.... Hm...perhaps it is something I can do as well?  Since I shop frequently and I am developing more of my personal opinions on them and I like giving out my take on things to friends around me.

Not long ago, I started mimicking youtubers doing 'haul videos' for fun and send them to my sister.  We laughed so much about these.  The more videos I have done, the more I think I should do something about it.

I started having my own account on twitter beautyorbread sharing photos of beauty products, shopping experiences and some pictures of food as I do (and need) like to eat yummy food.  I found it extremely fun to do.

So here it is, writing my first entry on my 'beauty blog' (also about fashion, lifestyle and all that jazz) - not quite sure where this will take me but it's a mini-project of mine at a transition stage of my life and I would like to embrace a new start; rather than mourning about my past!

Thanks for reading still - I hope you will enjoy my blog!

Love to all

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