Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Are you a single or double-step cleanser when it comes to removing makeup and facial cleansing in the evening?

I'm definitely a single-step cleanser. I like products that are dual purposes- removing makeup whilst giving my face a good squeaky clean.

There are a few trusted product like this I use but until recently I have managed to use up everything I have in my stash. I ventured out to try something new.

I purchased this NUXE face cleansing and makeup removing gel on a whimp. I then realised that yes, it is a dual purpose product but it doesn't remove EYE makeup. It's my fault...

However, I still like this product though. It's a moisturising gel textured cleanser. It has a strong scent of honey (NUXE is famous for its usage of natural product so I'm not too worried about those chemicals). It leaves my skin feeling all moisturised instead of drying after a good cleanse.

The first time when I used this, I mistakenly used it to remove my eye makeup as well as the face. Honestly though, it doesn't sting my sensitive eyes all that badly. It's marginally acceptable but I wouldn't do it again as this product isn't designed to do so. It does a pretty good job in removing face make up.

So... I'm back to the good old double cleanse in the evening. Eye makeup remover, then a good old overall cleanse with this.

Have you tried this before? What do you use to remove makeup?


  1. I do the double cleanse for long-wearing makeup and heavier looks (cleansing oil and then a foaming/cream/gel cleanser). Good to know that this Nuxe gel isn't effective at removing eye makeup, I think I will pass on this product even though I have had good experiences with all the Nuxe products that I have tried so far.

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