Thursday, 17 September 2015


Living in Hong Kong and finding a good facial cleansing cream that can both remove makeup and cleanse the face are challenging.

However, recently a beam of breakthrough light has shone upon my face and I wanted to share with you what this is all about.

Meet cleansing cream by Kanebo (HK $65, roughly around £5.5) . This is a great Japanese brand, I have tried a few things by it and have almost never been disappointed by it.

This is a dual purpose cleansing cream, it removes makeup and cleanses the face. So for all those busy bees out there, this is your equivalent of Emma Hardie cleansing balm or the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser; both of which are almost impossible to buy in Hong Kong.

This cleansing cream is rich, it comes in a rich cream texture but doesn't not clog up my pores nor does it make my skin feels greasy afterwards. It's very easy to wash off using a flannel and is very gentle on the skin, it doesn't sting my eyes so it's great to remove eye makeup.

There are also these little beads in the cream that is meant to help exfoliate the skin. However, as the cream is very creamy and rather rich, the beads aren't very effective, if it does it's bonus but I'm fine with it doesn't.

I love the packaging, too. It has an attached open lid so you don't need to worry about where to put the lid on after opening it. This is especially handy when I find myself always using this in a shower.

This would most probably be on my repurchase list before I find the next best thing.

Have you tried this before? How do you normally remove your makeup and cleanse your face? Do you prefer using one or two products?

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