Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I asked myself, what does it take for a nail top coat to stand out from the crowd?

The answer is simple -

Protection - providing longevity to the nail colours underneath

Shine and Gloss - giving my nails a nail bar finish - 'ah, that gel nails you have got on looks amazing!'

Quick drying - helping your nail colours to dry in no time - 'I don't have all day and night to sit there, letting times to pass by'

My recent beauty trial on the nail front is Dior Gel Nail Top Coat.  I have heard good things about it but ya know,  a high end nail product can often end up behaving like any old high street nail product brand so I have been holding fire on trying this.

It didn't disappoint.  It ticked all 3 of my 'award winning' nail top coat boxes.  That shine and gloss is on par with a gel nail you get it done at a nail bar.  It somehow gives this those flat nail colours more dimensions.

It's an investment buy, although as a regular nail polish wearer, this could be a dangerous and expensive investment.

What's your favourite nail top coat?  Have you tried this one before?

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