Monday, 15 April 2013

Lulu Guinness x Uniqlo

Perhaps you have put your preparation for Spring wardrobe to one side because of the disappointing British weather.  However Spring seems to have finally arrived - please don't disappear just yet!

I walked pass Uniqlo the other day and thought I would check it out to see what's new as it often surprises me with what they have on offer!   This time I was excited by their latest crossover fashion lines, it is with Lulu Guinness, who is famous for its red lip clutch.  They are a little too pricey for me so when I saw the Lulu Guinness x Uniqlo Tees - I stopped and started to get my hands on them!

They come in 9 different patterns and are all priced at £12.9, what a bargain!

I bought two and here they are....

Lulu Guinness x Uniqlo Tees, each £12.90
Here's how they looked on me.....

Zara Scarf, Handbag from Linen at House of Fraser, Shoes from Accessorize

Trousers from Primark, Cardigan from Intimissimi 

They are really comfy and great for layering with a cardigan and a pair of slouchy trousers like what I did above.  It'd also look great when it tucked inside a skirt or something! I bought a size medium which is slightly more loose fitting.

Are you tempted to get one?


  1. A newly renovated Uniqlo store is opened in HK at Lee Theatre in causeway bay - it is SOOOO crowded because a lot of the items are more than 50% off for the first few days!!!!

    1. Sometimes I just don't understand whenever there is a hype about a certain brand or product, food or a place; people in HK would just rush to it all at once...... perhaps this is called passionate?