Friday, 26 July 2013

Tried and Tested: Eucerin AQUAportin Active Moisturising Cream

I suffer from dry patches around my nose area rather badly and it is a all-year round problem.  No matter how hard I tried to inject 'hydration' back to my skin, from the use of hydrating facemask to the recent completion of the use of hydraluron the problem is still there.

Until recently I've finished my night cream, I decided to give the brand Eucerin a go and picked up this AQUAprotin Active Moisturising Cream, I chose the rich variant which is suitable for dry and sensitive skin which I have.

For those of you who are less familiar with the brand Eucerin, it is a German dermatologica skincare brand.  They are easily available at Boots.

First thing first, the packaging is not fancy nor is it elegant (agree?).  It didn't grab my attention like other high end brands.  However, I think that this honest packaging provides a professional dermalogically based image to their target market; which makes you think they invest in most of their revenues into getting the best quality of products but not some fancy designs.

Secondly, it is a reasonably priced product, at £13.50 you get 40ml of the product.  You don't need a ton of the product for your whole face, a little goes a long way.

Even though it doesn't have a pump dispenser, the squeezy tube design is user-friendly.  I was slightly concerned about the word 'RICH' when I first picked up the product as it does have a 'LIGHT' version for normal to combination skin.  However I want to pick one up for dry and sensitive skin so this one sounds more right to me.

When you first squeeze the cream out, it looks like an ordinary white cream formula, nothing weird looking.  When I blend it all over my face, it feels something in the middle of a cream and a water-based product, it is extremely light and fresh, and very easily absorbed by my skin.  15 minutes into wearing it, I feel that my skin is hydrated and plumper, no joke.
According to Eucerin, AQUAporin ACTIVE is an ingredient which provides the skin with optimal hydration, even in deeper epidermal skin layers and supports skin's own moisture network.  Whether or not the product has penetrated into the deeper epidermal layer of my skin I am not sure as I haven't clinically tested my skin out under a microscope in a laboratory.

What I have noticed, 4 weeks into using this is that my skin is significantly moisturised, I can use the word 'hydrated'.  More remarkably is that I noticed my nose area doesn't suffer from dry patches as badly.  This is especially stark as I rub my nose quite intensely every morning due to runny nose as I am a hayfever sufferer.  Even the vigorous nose rubbing actions, the skin around my nose area is still in one-piece - IMPRESSIVE!

Once I have finished my current day cream, I think I will get the day cream (contains SPF 15 + UVA) version of this to ensure my skin is hydrated 24/7.

Have you tried any products by Eucerin before?  What do you think of them?  Do you suffer from dry skin like me?  Are you convinced to give this a go?

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