Monday, 22 July 2013

The Story of Eyelashes #2: Lengthening

Let's talk 'length' this time on mascaras.

By now you should know how much I have complained about the length of my eyelashes - they are unbelievably short.  I expect mascaras which claim to lengthen, really does what it says - give my lashes the length that it needs.

High end or drugstore?  I think drugstore.

I currently own 3 lengthening mascaras that I use interchangeably, regularly and quite intimately.  The one I found myself going back to, time after time is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara in Black.  This fluorescent yellow tube costs a healthy £7.99 which is completely affordable.  The eye catching design wasn't the reason I went for this.  I heard a few Youtubers talking about it and have seen them wearing this in their 'Get Ready With Me' videos and often produced a miraculous result.  I want to give it a try.

I like the wand to start with.  It is a fibre wand, fairly slim design which fits well on my short eyelashes as it doesn't overwhelm them.  When I start brushing through my lashes, I can feel that it separates my lashes and gives them length.  I normally apply at least 2 coats to ensure I have maximised using the mascara and the length that my lashes can go.  I use it as a base coat before applying a volumising mascara (more on that on a separate post).  It doesn't clump on my lashes nor does it smudge on me.  I totally recommend this.

Next up, let's talk high end, let's talk Chanel Sublime De Chanel Waterproof Length and Curl Mascara in Black.  I didn't intend to get it but somehow I ended up having it (so let's not go into this long story).  I'm not a big fan of a high end mascaras as I have been pretty satisfied with my drugstores' ones and it seems like a general feeling amongst mascara-wearers.  I didn't have high expectation on this but I was actually really worried if the wand was suitable.  When I first opened this up, I was relieved to see a bristle wand which is the type of wand which suits my short lashes the most.

In comparison with the Rimmel one, the bristle in the Chanel's wand are a bit more concentrated.  Both of them have just the right amount of coating of mascaras on, adequate to put on my lashes every time when I take the wand out from the tube.  It does give me length, I'm not sure about the curl.  However I have to work quite hard to get the length that I want.  3 coats are the minimum I need to give a satisfactory result.  I will still finish using this as it is expensive, it will set you back at £24.  I won't repurchase it.  With this price, I can buy 3 Rimmel mascara to just one of the Chanel's one but the Rimmel one is definitely more effective in lengthening my lashes.  Even it is a waterproof one but it does smudge on me unfortunately.

Finally, meet my Australian (Korean made) brand mascara, Mikatonk Collagen Mascara Volume.  This was a random purchase when I was visiting Hong Kong.  I spent most of my time shopping in Sasa (A beauty supermarkets, similar to Sephora which we don't get in the UK; which sells all the imaginable beauty and skincare products, from Western brands to Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese brands).

Funny enough I actually have been mistakenly using this as a lengthening mascara even it says 'volume' on the tube.  I heard nothing about this brand and mascara before.  It was simply on sale (around the £8 mark) and I grabbed it.  It is a simple deep royal blue design, very subtle but the result is remarkable I have to say.  It is more of a brush wand and it picks up the most product compare to the other two mascaras.  One coat is all you need to get the length, 2 coats will perfect it.  If I have curled my lashes properly beforehand, the result is even more stark.  It doesn't smudge on me either.  I think the collagen which it claims it contains is the key ingredients to help lengthening my lashes.  This line also has the curling and ordinary mascaras.  I will definitely want to give them a go if I have the chance.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the lengthening mascaras that I have, they do what they say they do.  I will still go for a drugstore mascaras as opposed to a high end one.

Have you used any of these mascaras before?

Which one will you pick?  Do you have good recommendations of a lengthening mascara that gives amazing result?

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