Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer makup additions: Paul & Joe

I have buried myself completely in the recent mid-season sale. I picked up one after another bargain beauty and fashion items.

This time I want to share with you two makeup items by Paul & Joe that I picked up at the Fenwick's sale.

They are absolutely adorable - let's get that straight to the point, the packaging, even the boxes that hold the products; is strikingly pretty, screams summer all over it!

I have always wanted something from Paul & Joe, purely because of its girly packaging, yes I know I can be shallow like this.  I haven't heard too many people discussed this brand in the past so I randomly picked up two items from the sale lot that I thought I would enjoy using.

I got myself a lipstick N Rouge A Levres N and a blusher (Poudre Visage).  Paul & Joe's beauty products are extremely romantically designed with this muted pink packaging together with discreet floral patterns imprinted on the case.  The packaging of the blusher is rather compact and is great for travelling I think.

The lipstick I bought is #02 (it doesn't have a name to it).  It looks like a pink colour with some glitters on the bullet.  It is not scented or anything which is great actually.

This pink glittery colour wears really sheer with an extremely light pink colour finish.   The texture of the lipstick is very creamy and feels very moisturising.  I haven't worn it yet but I'd imagine I could probably get away without wearing a lip balm underneath.  It's almost like a lipstick + lipgloss feel to it.

Next up is the blusher and I got it in #07 (again it doesn't have a name to it).  I used to like orange blusher quite a lot but recently I'm drawn to pink toned blusher more.  One colour is more of a soft pink tone and the other is a light champagne colour.  It will work perfectly as a blusher and highlight combo - again great to use for travelling.  Both shades have fine glitter on it which makes this blusher great for a summer night time look!

As you can see the pink colour is quite soft and it is buildable.  The light champagne colour came out quite sheer and the shimmer comes through quite subtly.   This blusher has a very mild scent to it which gains a big plus from me.

Have you used any products by Paul & Joe before?  I want to hear from you!

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