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Nail Care: Le Top, La Base

Having a prepared base, such as using a good moisturiser or a good primer before applying foundation, or a tinted moisturiser, or BB cream seems to be a makeup routine for many people.  Preparing your nails before applying nail colours on, in my opinion is equally important.  Especially during summer time, your hands and feet are on show much more often!

Today, I want to share with you all the 'Le Top and La Base' nail products I have tried.  It shocks me when I had them all lined up in front of me, I have a total of 7 nail protective products.  They each serve a different function and has their own pros and cons.

Meet the very popular and well-known duo, Seche Vite's Crystal Clear Base Coat (£6.50) and Dry Fast Top Coat (£9).

Do I like them as much as others?

I've grown to like the top coat more and more as I noticed that whenever I use this top coat, it does give my nail colours a very shiny, high-gloss finish; close to a gel finish.  It also does what it says, enabling your nail colours dry a lot quicker.  I am just over half way of using it and it starts to get a little bit gluppy like which is what I've heard other people said, the final 1/3 bit is not going to be possible to use........ I think I'm nearing that now.

However I am disappointed with the base coat.  I actually bought this by mistake as I thought I ordered the top coat but when I received it, I realised that I got the base coat instead.  The point of using a base coat is to protect your nails from going yellow and helps to have a good base for your nail colours to sit on.  Whether or not this base coat protects my nails, I don't think it is designed to do that and it didn't help my nail colours to stay on for longer.  I found that whenever I use this, my nail (colours) chip easier.

Would I repurchase these again?  Perhaps the top coat (but a better recommendation is coming up, so do stay and read on), but I most certainly wouldn't repurchase the base coat.

Next up is......

Recently, I stumbled across Guerlain's latest nail product, Protective base coat (La Base Protectrice). I have to say, sometimes I am a bit of a luxury girl that I dream of owning all the designer brands' products.  Despite already having tons of nail products, I wanted to give this one a try as I have never owned a high end nail protective product.  

I adore the design of the packaging.  There is something about the design, perhaps the cap, perhaps the logo, and perhaps the size of the bottle - it shouts at me, ' grab me and your nails will be protected!'.  I was also fascinated by the milky/ emulsified looking solution inside the bottle, something tells me that this will treat my nails whilst acting as a good base coat.

The extra wide and flat brush made applying La Base an easy and enjoyable task to do.  Once applied on nails, it looks shiny and glossy, just like when you had your manicure professionally done.  If you are lazy but still want your nails to be nourished and looking neat, I recommend slapping on these.  They are quick drying, too so it doesn't take up that much time.

I'm tempted to try the Gel Top Coat (Le Top), just because of how great the Le Base performed.  However each of these chic looking bottle will set you back at £18 each.  I'll definitely have to think about that.  I think these will be great gift ideas for friends who are crazy about nails!

Rimmel is definitely one of my favourite high street nail brands, the colour range is as wide as one can imagine.  I'm also impressed by its base and top coat products.

Meet Rimmel's 5 in 1 Nail Care (£4.59) and Nail Care Lycra Strong (£4.59).

I have really enjoyed using both products.  The 5 in 1 Nail Care acts as both a base and top coat but I would lean towards using it as a base coat rather than a top coat just because other top coat products give a shinier and glossier finish than this one.  However, this as a base is fantastic in helping your nail colour stays for longer.

The Nail Lycra Stronger works as a base coat which provides strengths and protection to your nails.  I like this base coat as I feel that it protects my nails from growing yellow.  The formula and consistency feel very similar to Guerlain's Le Base, I am tempted to say it is a dupe for Guerlain.

As a more affordable base and top products, Rimmel definitely is a winner for these two products.

Now, let's move onto my FAVOURITE top coat product.

Everyone, meet Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat (£5.95).  Inside this red bottle contains the most effective quick drying and anti-chipping solution.  Not only does it give your nails a shiny and glossy finish, it also quickens the drying process like no other.  It helps your nails dry faster than the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Sally Hansen - you are definitely good at what you do!  When it comes to quick drying top coat, this one is definitely a no brainer!  I am going to repurchase (which I did already) this top coat for as long as I can.

In a recent haul, I wanted to try an alternative nail care (base) product recently and wanted to get a cheaper one, so I bought Boots' own brand Nail Strength Solution (£4.20).

Now that I have used this for a few times, I want to report on it.  I didn't like it.  It didn't do anything to my nails by strengthening it.  It didn't provide a better base for my nail colours to sit on top.  To me, it is simply a clear nail polish.  I think Boots can do better than that as I have always been really impressed by Boots' own brand products.  By paying just 39p more, you can get better products from Rimmel, either the 5 in 1 Nail Care as either a base or top coat, or the Nail Care Lycra Strong.

Hopefully I have given you a few ideas to venture out on a La Base and Le Top that suits your needs and budget, or as a gift idea!

Have you tried any of these products before?  Will you try any of these recommendations?

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  1. What an amazing review on all the products. I bough these rimmel products just yesterday as Rimmel is newly launched in India. I wanted to read how it performs and i landed here. Excited to use them.COnsidering Rimmel stronger to be a Gurlain dupe makes me love it all the more. DO visit my blog: