Friday, 17 January 2014

2013 Creme De La Mer Awards: Makeup Part 1

2013 has been a very exciting beauty year for myself.  It's a year when I made the most discoveries in the beauty world with my sister @forksandbrushes.

I want to take this opportunity to make a little award ceremony here on my blog, to share with you some of the best bits I've tried in makeup (part 1 and 2), skincare and nail products.

This 1 of a part 2 makeup post will all be dedicated to makeup products.

The Best Base Product(s)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra light Foundation

If you have just started playing around makeup products and are lucky enough to have a bit more money to spend, you have to try this foundation.  It's the first high end beauty product I purchased.  It's ever since become my go-to, fail-safe foundation.  I like the water-based texture that it's very hydrating to the skin, which is great for anyone who has dry skin.  It gives such a sheer finish that it makes your skin glow and look very healthy and dewy.  It also stays put well and doesn't oxidise as the day goes.  This will definitely be on my re-purchase list.

The Best Concealer

For under eye areas: This has to be RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover-up concealer.

This has got to be the best concealer I have ever tried!  I started hearing about the brand RMS beauty at the beginning of 2013 but it wasn't until in the summer I bought products from RMS Beauty from an Organic Natural Beauty Product shop called Being Content (a hidden gem in London).  This concealer is an extremely light creamy texture in a pot.  You can definitely build up the coverage but blending more or less of the product but it would never end up looking cakey.  It's fantastic for the under eye areas because it brightens up the skin.  It can also be built up and used as a foundation.

For spots and blemishes: Laura Mercier Undercover pot

Excuse the state of my pot - it goes to show how well loved it's been!

At the end of 2012, I started making baby steps in exploring the beauty world.  Laura Mercier Undercover pot was one of the first high end beauty products that I decided to try after hearing only positive reviews about it.  It continued to sail through and became a firmed favourite of staple products in my beauty drawer all through 2013.  I exhausted the bit which was used to cover up under eye bags and have loved it.  Until the second half of 2013, the bit which is used as blemish concealer has become my best companion.  It's creamy in texture so it blends extremely well to cover up spots/ blemishes.  The powder at the bottom compartment comes in really handy to set the concealer.  When I said set it does exactly what it's meant to do.  My concealer stays put all day long and my spots/ blemishes..... are completely invisible.

The Best Eye Shadow

When every other blogger seems to be raving about how much they love Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream, I tried but didn't connect with the beaut of it.  I, on the other hand have fallen firmly in love with L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow.  They come in the form of pressed powder pigments and all shades are shimmery but no OTT which I like to use as a day-time look.  Sometimes when I'm lazy or in a hurry, I like to just use my 4th fingers to sweep these across my eyelids.  When I feel fussy and can afford to take my time to do my makeup, I like to use Real Techniques' duo-fiber brush to blend it all over my eye lids.  You don't need to be an expert to apply this onto your eyes, the shadow does the job itself once it touches your eyes, it sounds like magic but it really is like that.  By using just one colour makes you look like you've spent ages to blend blend blend a few different shades.  L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow, have you tried any of it?

The Best Eye Shadow Quad

Charlotte Tilbury's Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette

The launch of CT's makeup range was probably one of the most exciting things happened in the year of 2013, for the beauty world and for me as a beauty blogger.  I was there on the very day when Charlotte launched her makeup range in Selfridges.  There was a real buzz at her beauty counter, and there were just so much makeup products to choose from.  I'm so glad I picked up her Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette in Dolci Vita.  I have been using it on a weekly basis, if not daily.  It is that good.

You can use all 4 shades to create the look that you want.  For me, I found myself reaching glittery shade the post.  It has a sheer pale brown undertone to this glitter, I like to use my 4th finger to press this powder over my eyelids, either on its own or over an eye makeup that I will have done.   

The Best Eyeliner

I love me some eyeliners to frame my eyes to make them look bigger, brighter and rounder.  Hands down Kiko Precision Eye Pencil is by far the best eye pencil on the market.  I have switched from lining my eyes using black to brown to give a less harsh finish to my eye makeup.  Kiko eye pencil is soft, so it makes drawing the lines very easy, great for beginners.  Although the pencil is soft, it doesn't need to be sharpened often that the tip of the pencil is still pointed enough to draw you the perfect liners that you are after. Since Kiko is not available in Hong Kong, I have already stocked up on an extra eye pencil!

The Best Mascara

Max Factor Clump Defy Waterproof Mascara

As someone who has very short eyelashes, I am the first to admit that it's very difficult to settle for one mascara that fits the bill all round.  Not only are my lashes short, they are quite sparse and naturally not curly... *sobbing*....

In my short journey of trying over 10 mascaras in the year of 2013, I stumbled across Max Factor Clump Defy Waterproof Mascara.  The plasticky bristle style brush, with a slight curl wand seems to do some magical tricks to my eyelashes.  Of course I also have to rely on my Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld eyelash curler to do some necessary prep but a few coats of this mascara, my eyes are opened up beautifully - curled up, lengthened and looking a lot more voluminous.  I also heard that non-waterproof mascaras are better to hold the curls in eye lashes, I know I'll give the non-waterproof version a go in the near future.

Have you used any of these products mentioned?  Are any of these also your favourite of 2013?

Stay tuned for Part 2 Makeup of the 2013 Creme De La Mer Awards,


  1. What shade are you in the RMS and Vitalumiere? The 00 in RMS matches my skin perfectly, but I don't know what shade to get in the Vitalumiere.

    1. Hello Beverly, I use B10 for Chanel Vitalmuiere, it isn't the perfect shade but it's close enough as I found B20 a little too dark for my complexion.

      I love both products!

    2. Thank you so much. Are you a 00 in the RMS concealer as well?