Friday, 10 January 2014

Nails nails, by Cyber Color

I took my time to explore the beauty world in Hong Kong because there are simply wayyyyy too many brands available, in every beauty shops.  I have been overwhelmed.

Finally, I felt like I've reached a break-through - I discovered a brand, Cyber Colors which I am growing some positively feelings about it!  The brand was created in 1998, however I can't quite find the exact information of where it was originally created in.  On their products they say Made In France, assuming they might have been started in France?  This brand is exclusively available in Sasa (the Sephora equivalent in the US).

I don't think I have tried any of its products before but their nail products are the first in their line that I tried, and absolutely fell in love with.

01 - ECO Glossy Gel Look If you are looking for a quick fix to a gel nail finish, this is THE ONE to get.   Not only does it give a gel nail look, it also prevents nails from chipping. One coat is enough to make them look like gel but if your nails to look even more shinier, go for 2 coats!  People say Sache Vite's quick dry top coat gives the best gel nail finish, to me, Cyber Colors glossy gel look top coat beats down by miles!  I have received quite a few compliments by strangers and friends!

02 - Quick Dry Coat Unlike other quick dry top coat that I used, this is an oil-based quick dry coat polish.  It does wonder to saving time when you have this on hand!

03 - ECO Oxygen Base Coat It's a pale peachy coloured milky base coat.  It prevents nails from discolouring, turning yellow or chipping.  Don't worry about the colour, once it's applied onto the nails, it dries clear.

The combination of the three will give you the perfect looking nails you are after!  What's more impressive is that Cyber Color's nail polishes are environmentally friendly, free from petroleum or any other chemical products.

Have you tried products by Cyber Color?  I'm definitely going to explore into other products by Cyber Color!

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