Tuesday 14 January 2014

New In: D&G Makup Haul

Fans of Dolce & Gabana in Hong Kong (and in the pacific rim regions), it's about time you should get excited about its launch of make up.

D&G and makeup, you might frown?  That was exactly my reaction when I learnt that D&G does makeup.  I first came across its advertisement of mascara on a magazine, I wondered about it but didn't take action to search for it..... Until I walk passed its counter inside Harvey Nichols (Pacific Place, Admiralty), Hong Kong in Oct 2013.  I revisited the counter twice since then, and it wasn't until recently when me and my sister (@forksandbrushes) made a purposeful trip there and we ended up both hands full of D&G makeup goodies!

Facts of D&G makeup:

D&G makeup line was first launched in 2009 in Italy where the brand originally comes from.  They are also available in the Big Apple in the past few years but it didn't make it to the Pacific Rim until around September 2013.  I've also been told that Hong Kong is the first place in the Asia Region that has D&G makeup line available.  

Forgive my ignorant and not keeping up with the market but it wasn't until I started writing this post I realised that Harrods, UK also has D&G makeup available! 

First up is the mascara I have been wanting to try and have remembered since my first encounter with D&G makeup - from the magazine advertisement.  My another excuse for adding another mascara to my current stash of mascaras is because many of my mascaras in my collection will soon be expired!

I picked up the PassionEye Mascara which claims to curl and volumise.  It comes with the most glamorous gold tube-like packaging.  The plastic bristle crescent-shaped  wand reminded me of my all time favourite Max Factor's Clump Defy Mascara.   But from the trial that I had at the counter, I was already impressed by it.  Without prior curling my lashes with an eyelash curler, my lashes were curled and volumised; and it didn't smudge on me either (after wearing it for 8+hours).  For £26, it is definitely one of the most expensive mascaras out there in the market.  I will continue to give it a good try and report back!

I was going to stop there and only picked up one thing at a time to try but the temptation came when the beauty consultant told us that if we spent HK$900 or over, we would get a free gift, which is this extremely attractive and elegant red jewel mirror case...... OMG - so between me and @forksandbrushes, we bought a few more things (including a present for our mom for mother's day! how organised are we!)

This red jewel mirror case came with a velvet pouch - lush!  The red jewel on the surface of the mirror case just made this item a very unique one, how could we resist this!  This will definitely become a centre piece on my dressing table from now on!

Because of the desire to get the lux mirror case each, I also picked up the Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick #220 (Devotion).  It is a pretty darker shade pink - my lips but better colour lipstick. This lipstick is a bit like a Chocolate Fondue, as it comes with a transparent jelly look-alike centre which contains coconut oil.  The idea is that it hydrates your lips whilst it gives colour to them.  I love anything that helps to keep my skin and lips hydrated!

Finally, as a welcome gift to the purchase of D&G makeup, we were each given a perfume miniature.  The key isn't about the perfume but what excited us was the burgundy velvet little box that holds the perfume.

D&G makeup feels extremely luxury and I really look forward to using all the things I bought!

Have you tried any makeup by D&G?

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