Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cynthy and a chocolate shower

Who doesn't like eating chocolate?  But did you ever want chocolate-scented skin?  If you do, please read on.

This Chocolate Creamy Body Wash comes from the Sephora Collection Creamy Body Wash range which I bought in Paris in the summer.  A reminder of what I bought in Paris you can visit here and here.

I was intrigued when I first saw this then as I glanced acrossed the shelf, this range also offers scent such as Green Tea.

As you open the cap of the tube, there is an intense fragrance of chocolate sends to my nostril which 'woke me up' a little bit.  The creamy texture this body wash made the product felt very luxury and really rather refreshing!  The pale brown colour makes you think you are truly showered with melted silky chocolate.

Compared with other body wash products, this one is very moisturising which I didn't feel the need to be obliged with the application of a body cream after a shower.  Does the chocolate scent linger on the skin afterwards?  Not really.  But does it matter?  No, not for me at least.  I actually would prefer it didn't make me skin smelling like a bar of chocolate.

I wondered if this could be a diet-fix solution for someone who craves for chocolate?  If that fails, this would certainly be a very sexy gift comes Valentine's day or Wedding Anniversary.

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