Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Additions: Statement Necklaces

In the past year I have become a little obsessed with wearing statement necklaces, and I'm always on the hunt for new and special ones to add to my collection.  My love for statement necklaces can first be traced back here.

I like to pair statement necklaces with plain coloured tops/ clothing as they make my outfits pop.  They are great for lazy days when I don't know what clothes to wear, whilst they also make me stand out from the crowd, in a subtle way even though my statement necklaces help me to make a fashion statement.... ya know what I meant?

In Hong Kong, there are so many varied sizes of boutiques, chained or independent; local, western, J- or K- styles (Japanese/ Korean)..... the choices are endless....

Maple, or now has been rebranded as isai; I believe it's a local chained fashion stores in Hong Kong.  They sell everything from shoes, clothing to accessories like necklaces, earrings and handbags, etc.  I like to go in there every now and then to check out accessories as they are abundantly available.

I spotted this blue (also available in black) necklace and instantly fell in love with it.  I don't normally go for this string type of necklace but the materials felt really sturdy and I thought it would last so I gave it a try.  

The diamond shaped stones are also very eye-catching, each of them are surrounded by blue stones which made it very elegant.  The necklace isn't heavy either so there's no problem to wear it all day long. I like to team this up with blue colour tone tops but I think it would go with other plain coloured clothes, too.

Zara is my go-to shop for many of my outfits and necklaces.  I love this shop even more after I move to Hong Kong.  The prices are really reasonable, and I like how sophisticated the styles are; most pieces from Zara are timeless, too which made it even more of a bargain!

I am not a gold-wearer but when I saw this necklace, I stopped and started touching and matching it on my neck-area, and thought this would be a classic piece to keep.

When I first grabbed it and held it on my hands, it felt rather heavy but when I wore it on my neck, I couldn't feel the weight (I could but it wasn't weighing me down). The gold platted chain style, tweeded with black leather as the main part of the necklace add a bit of a taste rock chic feel to my outfit but still keeping things sophisticated.

Then it was the Winter sale in Zara that made me to buy another gorgeous necklace!

Well, I have been eyeing on this for absolutely ages but it was slightly on the pricier side, with the sale (knocked $100 off from the original price so I purchased this at $299, approx. 23) there's no excuse to hold up!

This glass looking necklace is gorgeous I'm sure you would agree with me.  I like how plain the colour looks but the flower that connected the necklace made it so girly.  When I wore it on my neck, it actually sparkled and caught peoples' eye-sights.  It feels rather chunky on the hands but wearing it on the neck, it just felt like a piece of cloud!  I adore this so much!

Are you a fan of statement necklaces?  Or do you go for minimal jeweleries?

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