Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Product Review: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Beauty sponge, love it or hate it?

I love a good sponge but I have to admit that before I gave it a try I was skeptical about it.  I did a full review on the original Beauty Blender which you can click here to have a little read.

Now that I know why a sponge can be such a great partner when you are looking for a flawless finish. When Real Techniques launched its Miracle Complexion Sponge a few months back, I was so excited to hunt this down and gave it a whirl, plus I am a loyal fan to RT's makeup brushes, too, so I wouldn't miss it!

First of all, the sponge comes in the usual sturdy packaging, just like other RT's makeup brushes.  The bright orange colour makes the sponge stands out from other beauty sponges on the rack.  Colour is a very personal thing, for me, I'm not an orange kind of girl; I would rather it be a purple/ lilac colour.  But, I should never judge a book by its cover and I'm glad I didn't because this sponge really is quite something!

As I took the sponge out of the packaging, the sponge felt very soft and, spongy.  If I was blind folded, I probably wouldn't be able to feel the difference between RT's sponge and the original Beauty Blender.   I was instantly very impressed by it, as I have experimented with other versions of sponge by other brands but was not satisfied with it, the other sponges were all too hard to squidge which made applying foundations onto my face very difficult.

 RT's miracle complexion sponge provides quite an innovative and cutting edge design to other Beauty Blender's dupe out there.  It has two sides to the sponge, a normal egg-shape with an oval surface, but towards the bottom half of the sponge comes with a slanted surface.

The slanted surface can be used the same way as the oval shape, but it is perfect if you want to target the application of concealer or foundation under the eyes and round the nose areas. 
I have been using this for applying both foundations and concealers, both of which work like a loving married couple with the sponge.  It saves me time from using a concealing brush, so that's a plus point, too!

I don't use any brushes to apply base products but I like to sponge my face when I reach for my all time favourite hourglass veil fluid foundation if I want to look my best; the two combinations work like a dream and always made me a very happy girl!

Application of hourglass veil fluid foundation with RT's miracle complexion sponge

For £5.99, the RT's miracle complexion sponge is miraculously reasonably priced.  I recommend this wholeheartedly, hands on heart 100%.  I think I can safely say that I prefer this to the original Beauty Blender.  

Have you tried any sponge applications before?  Have you tried the original Beauty Blender or are you a fan of the RT's miracle complexion sponge like me?

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