Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hand Creams Junkies - Handbag and Office Essentials

I cannot live without handcreams.  It's a fact.  My skin is dry, and not only they are dry on the face, my hands are also dry, sometimes chapped.

I wasn't sure if I needed to reach for handcreams as much as I did after moving to Hong Kong.  Seriously, Hong Kong is one of the most humid places in the world; the floors and walls can be so damp  during the non-winter months (N.B. Winter/ Colder months in Hong Kong are very short - may be 3 months max!).

However, I realised my hands were getting rather dry since October, and especially since I started working again in an office environment.  I feel like I'm practically eating my hand creams as they are emptying at such a fast pace!

In my office, I always keep a handcream and I tried out Hand Veil Hand Cream by Metholatum.  It claims to moisturise both the hands and nails, I think it really does the job rather well.  I have very dry cuticles, too so this hand cream is perfect for those nasty flaky skin round the cuticles.  I like it as it is just slightly greasy when applied on my hands, but the greasiness is absorbed rather quickly so it isn't a problem to me.  So, watch out for this if you aren't someone who like a greasy-after-care of a hand cream.

L'occitance Rose Hand Cream is very makeup bag friendly.  I had the smaller size so I can bring it with me when I'm on-the-go.  It's the rose scent that sold me to this hand cream.  Well, it is hydrating, too but I think the lasting power is slightly weaker than the Hand Veil Hand Cream by Metholatum.  This is probably a better hand cream in the not-so-dry months. 

I have never heard of the brand MISS CAROL Hand Cream until I saw them in Sasa one day, when I was shopping for a hand cream for my handbag.  When I first saw it, the packaging reminded me of L'Occitance hand cream.  That is clever as it made me think Miss Carol's is as good as L'Occitance!

I wasn't disappointed at all!  I liked how hydrating this hand cream was but it's not greasy at all.  The lavender scent also made the hand cream very therapeutic to apply.  For HK$24 (around UK£2), it really cannot go wrong; and possibly a dupe for L'Occitance hand cream if you cannot afford it.

Have you tried any of these hand creams before?  What are your favourite hand products?  How do you keep your hands moisturised and hydrated?

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