Monday, 19 August 2013

Makeup by Christian Dior

Dior makeup is rocking the beauty world at the moment in my opinion - I found myself kept going back to it one product after another.  They've got some great products going on and they are all not to be passed by!

I have owned something by Dior in the past, like a perfume and a lip gloss which I actually didn't enjoy but gave it a try.  That is why I left it for so long (at least 10 years) before I made myself back to the world of Dior.

Few months ago, my husband bought me a couple of new bits from the airport, you can read here for a catch up.  I said it but I'll say it again, I was hooked since these two products were re-introduced to my life.

The other day I was going through my beauty cupboard and I couldn't help but was surprised by the speed of the growth of my Dior beauty products collection.

Dior beauty products are not just a pretty face, they are highly effective, too.

My favourite has to be Diorskin Nude BB Cream (It costs £30 in major retailers but you can get it for £24 on  I have tried Hydra Life BB Cream (it costs a whooping £41, ouch!) but I have to say I don't like it at all.  The texture is a bit too thick to my liking and the shade is too dark for me.  Diorskin Nude BB cream is an extremely light weight textured BB cream and it feels quite watery as you blend it with your skin.

It comes in 3 shades, and I am using #002 and is a perfect match for me.  Once it blends in with your skin, it becomes transparent whilst providing a light coverage for the face.  It is very hydrating, too so it is ideal for dry skin.  I wouldn't say that it is buildable but it is supposed to provide a natural coverage to your skin without caking it up like you are wearing a heavy foundation.  A little goes a long way.  It gives a slightly but not too dewy finish - you can still feel like it's your skin but better.  It stays put rather well, too and when you touch your skin during the day, you definitely can't feel that you've put anything on your skin but you still look radiant.  I cannot rave enough about this product and I am so pleased that I have this in my life.  Let's hope it won't be discontinued.

I am definitely more willing to pay a bit more to get a great base product than any other things that I would, makeup wise.  After falling in love with the BB cream, I found myself itching to try out a concealer by Dior.  I chose Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer (£21 from all major retailers but you can get it for £16.8 from, it has 3 shades and I have the shade #002.  It comes in quite a compact and small tube with the classic 'CD' logo printed on the top of the cap of the applicator.  I like it and I can see myself growing to like it more.  It is a very hydrating, creamy in texture, medium coverage concealer.  I have a problematic appearance of a vein on my left under eye area which is desperate for a good concealer to cover up.  This stuff is able to cover it up in a natural way.  The concealer is not cakey at all.  A geniue and honest product I have to say.

I am a blusher addict, so it is not surprising that I have two blushers by Dior - I adore both of them.

Diorblush Cheek Cream (£24 in major retailers, £19.20 from has become my staple cream blusher since I bought it.  You can read a full review here (it featured a dupe there, too if you are on a budget!).  I am not going to bore you further about how much I love this cream blush - the colour is vibrant and the formula is easy to blend yet very pigmented, it stays put well, it's an all round winner!

I was completely drawn to the packaging of Diorskin Rosy Glow (a powder blush) (£30.50 at major retailers but again you can at it cheaper for £24.40 from

The silver-mirror packaging makes it full of energy and not old at all.  I carry it in my handbag as I love the big mirror that comes with it.  The cute little brush that goes with the blusher is actually useable, and a rather nice brush as well.

Finally, another great product that I own is the Dior Addict Lip Glow (£22.50 at major retailers but £18 from Dior's one shade fits all luxury tinted lip balm I would call it.  You are the boss when it comes to deciding what colour this lip product will turn on your lips.  As it reacts with the moisture level on one's lips and turn into a colour accordingly - magical?  Yes!

 I can totally get away with not needing to apply a lip balm underneath, very handy if you are limiting how much you are taking with you.  I wear it straight from the bullet, I don't even need a mirror.  It gives me shiny and glossy finish, with a hint of a red lip finish; that's the colour it often ends up in.  I'm often surprised by how bouncy I feel my lips look after applying this, very flattering indeed!  You just wouldn't expect from such a baby pink looking lip balm it reacts to your lips to give a red glossy finish.

I adore all of my Dior makeup products, I really do.  I am definitely going to keep an eye on other Dior makeup products.

What Dior makeup products have you tried?  What do you think of them?


  1. I love the new dior bb cream, I have been using for the past couple of months now. Have you tried their bronzers? That is what I want next from Dior.

    1. Hello Carrie, thx for dropping by! I haven't tried the bronzer yet but my sister has burning using the bronzer and blusher duo and she loves it!