Friday, 30 August 2013

Lovely Primark False Nails

 Are you a false nail kind of gal?  Or do you enjoy the process of painting nails on a regular basis? For me it changes all the time.  Sometimes I don't mind painting my nails every 2 days (not because my nail polish chipped or anything but I just want that fresh looking painted nails all the time) but there are days when I don't want my nails to be such a high-maintenance business so I would opt for wearing false nails.

Here comes the problem though, sticking false nails with glue onto your nails can do nothing good but damages to your healthy nails.  I had gone through this before in the past and I don't want to go down that route again.

When my sister (Forksandbrushes) and I discovered these beauty false nails from Primark, we were over the moon and completely blown away by the varieties and most important of all, the price tag - £1 per pack.

Each of these pack contains 23 pieces so in theory it can last up to 2 times and there are a few spare for replacements if any of the false nails come off as you wear them.  Look also how cute the designs are, it's got such a huge variety and they cater for the loud and colour design, as well as the plain, elegant and clean style such as the French manicure ones.

These come with a small tube of glue but I take no notice to those as I know how much damage glue can do to your nails.  My sister discovered some magic tapes from Boots and they work so well with these nails.

These are all the ingredients you need for a relaxing nail session in the evening:

You need a nail file and a nail cutter because I always find false nails a little bit too long to match with my own nails.  So I tend to have to cut them short and to the shape of my nails a little bit.  You don't have to if you'd prefer your nails to be a bit longer.  As I am a contact lense wearer, I'm a bit more cautious about the length of my nails, too.

These nailene ultra tabs are great, they are self-adhesive tabs.  Each of these packs contain 24 tabs which costs £2.59.  One pack of ultra tabs goes with a pack of the false nails, making it a total cost of £3.59 which last up to two complete sets of wear.  It is so economical, much better value than some of the other brands which I have tried, e.g. imPRESS, they can cost between £5.99 and £7.99 depends on the style of nails.  Personally I think the quality and lasting power for both nails are the same and I can't feel the difference.  imPRESS has its own self-adhesive tabs at the back of each nails so that makes life a little easier when you apply false nails.

However, using the nailene adhesive tabs are not difficult at all; if anything they might be slightly fiddly.  You just need to grab one of these tabs, match the size with your false nails and stick them at the back of it, then you pull of the protective film and stick each false nails onto your own nails - easy peasy!  I found using a 'nail stick' when you peel off the protective film from the false nails really helpful and can speed up the process.

The sizes of these tabs are great, too and I don't have problems matching them with my false nails.  they are quite sticky, too and do last up to 5 days.

I think they look absolutely fabulous on my nails and make them look so perfect!

Next time when you shop in Primark, do you think you'll give these a go?


  1. Did u check out the ones from Revlon by Marchesa??? I can't wait to try them :)!!!!!!

    1. No I haven't yet! they look so extravagent!