Sunday, 1 September 2013

How to........ store your accessories?

Storing beauty and fashion items could cause such headache to many people, me with no exception of course.  I'm actually a very organised person when it comes to task management.  However, when it comes to storage, I'm not a very tidy person I have to admit.  Having said that I still wanted to share with you a few ideas of how I store and display my accessories.  

I do have quite a bit of accessories altogether.  I tend not to throw any of my accessories away so throughout the years, I managed to accumulate a nice collection.  So, storing them have become a bit of an issue as it is constantly growing.  I don't have a lot of space at home for the time being so as much as I want to display them on my dressing table, I can't.

#1 Storing earrings

Acrylic Jewellery Case with 2 drawers from Muji £13.95
This was a birthday present from my sister many years back.  It is from Muji.  I really like it as it's functional and holds so many pieces of earrings and I have a ton of them.  Its clean and simple design goes with any decor of your room.

#2  Wooden Jewellery Box

This beautiful, high quality wooden jewellery box was a xmas present from my husband a number of years ago.  I had a quick check on John Lewis' website as this is where it came from, but it doesn't seem like they still sell it.  However John Lewis offers a number of other options, so click here for their collections.  It isn't cheap, I think it's about £60 if not more.  However I see it as a jewellery box which you can pass down to the next generation and definitely a 'keeper'!

There are two layers, too, and the big mirror can come in handy - although I don't use it these days.  The top layer mainly holds my other bits of pieces of accessories, such as my go to watches and rings.

The bottom layer is a bit messy!  But you get the idea, you can basically hold lots of other loose bits in here (including the royal wedding's oyster card!).

And this is how the cover of the box looks like - a sleek and shiny wooden cover!

I hope I've managed to give you some ideas to store your accessories in a functional, practical and elegant way.

How do you store your accessories?  Do share with me!

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