Monday, 16 September 2013

Challenge Tag: 2-week Shopping ban

Oh my! I'm actually thinking of going on a shopping ban, and I think I will do a little trial to see how it goes and probably report back half way through the process and by the end of it.

For those of you who have read my previous post on 'Relocation, Relocation', you will know that I have moved from London to Hong Kong to reunite with my husband who is working here.  Huge impact on lifestyle and everything, anticipated but I am more curious to find out how this move will actually have an affect on my beauty blogging life.  As said, I will continue to publish posts (which have been sitting in my draft folder but I promise they are still current and fit for purpose).

Just for an example, yesterday I dropped by at City Super in Times Square in Causeway Bay, for those of you who are less familiar with what City Super is, it basically is similar to Whole Foods Market although City Super doesn't only sell organic produce; they do have a vast range of products from food, domestic stuff, to beauty products.

Of course I went into the beauty sections and found myself getting very lost and overwhelmed there!  I saw a few interesting things e.g. a makeup remover with a pump dispenser 

but I'm yet feeling the itch to buy and try.  I blame it on my 'unsettling mind' as I'm pretty pre-occupied by domestic refurbishment right now and I want to get that out of the way first before I establish a more normal beauty shopping routine.

Therefore, I thought what great time to implement my shopping ban for 2 weeks, which will end on 1 Oct 2013.  I want to monitor how I feel about not buying any beauty related products unless they are an absolute essentials such as cotton wools, shampoo and conditioner and body wash, etc.  Even though I was a little tempted to buy another mascara to try when I saw some interesting ones yesterday at City Super.

Anyway - I'll see how successful I will be or how much I will have failed by the end of this; and report back!

Wish me luck!

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